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GIF Highlights

Senior Highlight Reel: Bradley Hayes

Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who hustle. He did both.

One Shining Moment: Georgetown Version

The Hoyas were left out of the One Shining Moment montage. So, we created our own.

GIFs! BET Moments Challenge Rampant Cynicism

All season long the consensus has been that the Hoyas play better basketball when cast in an underdog role. That wish has come true, though things are looking good heading into the tournament.

Sights & Sounds of the Hoyas' Senior Day

If you were watching from home, this is what you missed from the Verizon Center in the moments leading up to the game.

Senior Week Highlight Reel: Tyler Adams

From making shots to calling the shots, the big man's role has evolved.

Senior Week Highlight Reel: Jabril Trawick

Think the Hoyas aren't tough enough? He played with a broken jaw.

Senior Week Highlight Reel: Mikael Hopkins

Like it or not, our mercurial Komrade has been key to the team's success.

Senior Week Highlight Reel: Aaron Bowen

The Hoyas' own human highlight reel has had a college career full of sensational plays tailor-made for the SportsCenter Top 10.

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Senior Week GIF Highlights: Joshua Smith

The senior big man has been making the most of second chances, on the court and on campus.