Otto Porter pegged as breakout player by


I’m going with Washington’s Otto Porter. Heading into his third season, Porter is a strong candidate to more than double his averages so far – 4.7 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 15.8 mpg – because he did it in the Wizards’ small, 10-playoff-game sample size in spring. In a significant turnaround, the slender forward averaged 10.8 points and 8.0 rebounds in the postseason. And Washington was 10.7 points per 100 possessions better than the opposition with Porter on the floor vs. 8.7 worse when he was off. His opportunities will only increase with Paul Pierce‘s departure and frankly, it’s time.

Steve Aschburner in a post on titled: "Blogtable: Second- or third-year player ready to rise the ranks?" Fran Blinebury and John John Schuhmann also selected Porter as their breakout candidate.

JTIII drinks Pepto before the Hoyas play


Georgetown's John Thompson III actually drinks Pepto Bismol. "Before every game, I do have a couple of swigs — it's not like I drink the whole bottle," Thompson says. "But it just settles my stomach. That is an actual fact."

Blog buddy Nicole Auerbach discovered the pregame rituals of 10 NCAA coaches. H/T to mchoya for the find in the comments.

Jon Rothstein picks Hoyas to win Big East Tournament

Jon Rothstein: Georgetown and my MVP is Jabril Trawick. Not many people have noticed how much Jabril has improved offensively this season. He's shooting the ball with significantly more confidence and he's playing like someone who knows the hour glass is running out on his college career. It's been eight years since the Hoyas won the Big East Tournament. I believe that drought ends this week at the World's Most Famous Arena. Big East Coast Bias had a neat roundtable discussion with CBS Sports and our main man, Jon Rothstein picked the Hoyas to win and Brilly for Most Outstanding Player.

Bullets Forever on Otto Porter


We are past the point now of asking the question that Ben Standig was posed last year in regard to Otto, "Can he actually play?" Unlike last year, this year we can answer in the affirmative. Otto Porter has shown himself to be a competent NBA basketball player. He fits in well with the starters, as the lineup of Wall/Beal/Porter/Nene/Gortat outscores opponents by 5.6 per 100 possessions, just 2.2 points per 100 possessions worse than when Paul Pierce plays. At worst, he doesn't hurt and at best he can hit open shots and make smart plays without being asked to bear too much of the offensive burden.

Bullets Forever is ranking the trade value of the current Wizards' roster and Otto checks in at #8.

John Thompson on "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts


Why would a coach initiate such a dialogue when his players were getting ready for a big tournament? It’s his job to teach them how to play basketball, right? Thompson would not be his father’s son if he felt that way. "It sounds like a cliché, but the job is about more than basketball," he said. "We are an educational institution. People forget that these are 17-to-20-year-olds who are in college that are learning. Coaches are teachers. This is our job."

Georgetown players wear 'I Can't Breathe' T-shirts, more - College Basketball -

JTIII says Aaron Bowen can be like Patrick Ewing Jr.


"I thought AB's quickness and speed would help. I look at this as very different, but I think that he can have the same type of effect as Patrick Ewing Jr. A couple of years ago, Pat was starting and then I brought him off the bench and he affected the game with his energy. Much like Aaron, Pat was always getting deflections, getting steals, getting rebounds. I think Aaron can have a similar effect on this year's team. Pat goes from a starter to the bench and was the Big East Sixth Man of the Year. They are very different players, I'm not saying that AB is like Pat, but they can have the same effect coming off the bench."

John Thompson III sees similarities between Aaron Bowen and Patrick Ewing Jr. - Big East Coast Bias

Rumble in the Garden Previews the Hoyas


Projected Big East Finish: 2nd

Projected Overall Finish: NCAA Tournament Appearance

After returning the large bulk of a talented team from last season, and bringing in one of the nation's best recruiting classes this offseason, Georgetown appears primed to return to the NCAA Tournament after a short one year hiatus.

In a Big East that doesn't appear all that difficult this season, there's no reason to think that the Hoyas cannot challenge for the conference title as well. Last year's team failed to live up to such lofty expectations, but that shouldn't be the case in 2014-15.

Scouting the Georgetown Hoyas - Rumble In The Garden This is a really good preview of the Hoyas from our Big East Blog Buddies from New York.

Big East Coast Bias preseason Big East power rankings


2. Georgetown Hoyas (last season: 18-15, 8-10 vs. Big East)

Georgetown's first year in the new Big East was a flop, as they limped to a first-round conference tourney exit against DePaul and bowed out to Florida State in the NIT. Big East Preseason Player of the Year D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera returns to a GU squad looking to shake off the rust of an underachieving season. But the Hoyas refueled with the 7th-best recruiting class of 2014, according to ESPN Insider (subscription needed), and Isaac Copeland, LJ Peak and Paul White will all see a considerable amount of playing time.

Big East Coast Bias Preseason Power Rankings - Big East Coast Bias

What is the worst live sports experience you've ever had?


Chris Haines: I am a wildly emotional and irrational Georgetown fan. I was at the game where, as a 2 seed, the Georgetown Hoyas lost to America's favorite "Cinderella", 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast in a pretty big blowout. The guy behind me was goading me into punching him the entire game (I didn't, but I turned around once and told him to stuff it.) Everyone was rooting for Florida Gulf Coast and everything was horrible. This was the game that basically cemented FGCU's "Dunk City" nickname, because they dunked all over the Hoyas. It also cemented John Thompson III's reputation as a coach who can't win in March and gave voice to some of the worst corners of Georgetown's fanbase. I wrote a post on Casual Hoya about how depressing it was and NPR even interviewed me after one of their producers read the post. The two hosts joked after the interview ran that I was a little too invested maybe.

What's the worst live sports experience you've ever had? - The staff of wrote about their worst live sports experiences and I of course wrote about a March Georgetown loss and that led me to Florida Gulf Coast. What about y'all? Which Georgetown game (or different game) is your worst live sports experience?

Grantland previews the Big East


I don’t mean to disparage (Markel) Starks. He was Georgetown’s leader and the kind of four-year athlete that NCAA traditionalists love to rave about. But (D'Vauntes) Smith-Rivera matched him statistically, and he did it as a sophomore playing second fiddle. Now that Smith-Rivera is the Hoyas’ no. 1 guy, Lord have mercy on the rest of the Big East.

2014-15 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big East " Mark Titus from Grantland previews the Big East. He has the Hoyas slated as the #2 team in the conference, DSR as the most underrated player in the conference, and Joshua Smith as the most frustrating player in the conference.