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Bye Bye, Big East

Georgetown Leaves Big East Conference

Val Ackerman Named New Commissioner of Big East

Former WNBA president tabbed as the new Commissioner of the Big East.

Butler, Xavier and Creighton To Join Big East

Big East Ready To Announce Deal with FOX Sports and Madison Square Garden

Details Emerge About New Big East TV Contract

Fox Sports strategy for pursuing basketball content in football-driven world revealed.

Report: Catholic 7 To Keep Big East Name and MSG

Report: Catholic 7 To Keep Big East Name and Madison Square Garden

Georgetown & C7 To Start New League in July 2013

New League reportedly to commence play in 2013-'14 and retain Big East name.

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Your Guide to the Catholic 7 Expansion

Which schools are being considered for the new Conference of God

Catholic 7 "Close, Very Close" To Announcement

Catholic 7 "Close, Very Close" To Announcement On Future

Report: Catholic 7 Eye Big East Departure In 2014

Catholic 7 Eye Big East Departure In Time For 2014-15 Hoops Season

Catholic 7 League To Start In 2014?

Per this ESPN story, the "Catholic 7" are in negotiations to begin play in 2014 instead of 2015 as had been previously reported.

Big East Hoops TV Deal Close

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco is close to inking a new TV deal for the Big East with ESPN and CBS

Catholic 7 Closing In On Lucrative TV Deal

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the "Catholic 7" schools are working on a new TV deal that could pay each member school DOUBLE of the amount that the current deal with the Big East does.

Georgetown To Get $3 Million Each Year...From Fox?

Catholic 7 reportedly in discussions with Fox for media rights to new league.

What Will The New Big East Conference Name Be?

NYHoya takes a look at the potential names for Georgetown's new conference.

Georgetown Takes Control Of Its Future

Today, a group of leaders finally had the gall to say that the pursuit of short-term money is not a long-term strategy. Today, I am relieved, and dare I say, hopeful.

Bye Bye, Big East

Georgetown And The Chosen Ones make split from Big East official.

We Didn't Start The Fire

Georgetown and The Big East: A Musical History Set To The Tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire"

Is Today The Day?

Georgetown And The Chosen Ones to leave Big East today?

'The Chosen Ones' Move Forward

Catholic 7 to announce departure from the Big East Conference

The Sports Content Bubble

This won't end well.

Louisville to ACC! Conference Realignment Forum

Conference realignment rumors are flowing fast. Catch up with the latest and greatest.