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WATCH: Highlights from Kenner League Championship

A new, local Georgetown guard takes the game MVP

St. John’s v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Another successful Kenner League is in the books and the championship came down to two teams led by new transfers to your Georgetown Hoyas. In case you haven’t been following closely enough this summer, the league games and the playoffs have been super competitive and Wayne Bristol, Jr., Ismael Massoud, Rowan Brumbaugh, Supreme Cook, and Jay Heath were getting multiple player-of the-game awards. In the championship, Massoud’s Jim Couch team lost to Brumbaugh’s A. Wash & Associates, with Rowan earning the game’s MVP award. There has been an abundance of video highlights this summer.

Ed Cooley wished luck Brumbaugh and Massoud luck ahead of the championship game, acknowledging the Kenner staff and deep tradition with Georgetown and the world famous McDonough Arena.

Here is the full game (courtesy of joemack80 who has been recording a bunch of Quashie Family Dental games and others this summer):

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

The Hoyas were back it the next morning.