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LINKS: Jon Rothstein Drops By Georgetown for July Practice

“We’re going to defend. We’re going to compete. We’re going to fight.”

Georgetown Introduce Patrick Ewing Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

A day after visiting College Park, Jon Rothstein dropped by the Thompson Athletics Center to visit your Georgetown Hoyas for a July practice with Coach Ed Cooley and the gang. While summertime coach-speak is often prevalent, hearing quotes like “We’re going to defend. We’re going to compete. We’re going to fight” from Cooley about 102 days before the season starts is not a bad thing.

Perhaps just as importantly, Rothstein's access marks continued opening momentum for Georgetown under Cooley—as opposed to what appeared to be a pick-and-choose media relationship.

Here are some key Cooley quotes from the Rothstein interview:

  • When you take over a new situation, a new voice arises. That means everything that’s going on within the program is new.
  • Today was really the first day that we went 5-on-5. As we do more of that, I’ll have a better idea. I really like our perimeter. We’re going to have our challenges up front, but I can tell you that we’re going to be hard to play against.
  • We’re going to defend. We’re going to compete. We’re going to fight.
  • I think the ceiling for Dontrez [Styles] is really high. He’s as gifted of an athlete as I’ve coached.
  • Hopefully, people here will give us an opportunity to build a culture, to build an identity, and to re-establish a winning tradition.

Rothstein gave an early prediction of Georgetown’s starting five:

  • Jayden Epps
  • Jay Heath
  • Dontrez Styles
  • Ismael Massoud
  • Akok Akok

Based on that prediction, a rough depth chart might look like this:

  • Jayden Epps / Rowan Brumbaugh
  • Jay Heath / Wayne Bristol, Jr.
  • Dontrez Styles
  • Ismael Massoud / Drew Fielder / Drew McKenna
  • Akok Akok / Supreme Cook / Ryan Mutombo

With walk-ons of Donovan Grant (Wing), Hashem Asad (G), and Victor Muresan (F)

Here are some more links and tweets: