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Kenner League Coming Back to McDonough in July 2023

The famous D.C. summer pro-am league starts July 1st

West Virginia v Georgetown

In case there was any doubt, the Nike Pro City Jabbo Kenner Summer League, hosted by the Georgetown Hoyas at the World Famous McDonough Arena, will begin on July 1st per an announcement from the league’s Twitter account. Kenner League was played in 2022 after a two-year COVID hiatus and the league will continue.

For those who may not be familiar, the Kenner League is an historic pro-am summer league traditionally held at McDonough and featuring two Georgetown players on each of a handful of teams. With the immense roster changeover, it will once gain be nice to hear reports on some new Cooley-recruited players. That said, Kenner rosters are usually announced in late June and are almost always in flux due to travel and other obligations, so it’s not always easy to pick a weekend and guarantee you’ll set eyes on every expected Hoya.

Also, traditionally, there have been many appearances from alumni and DMV-based professional players to fill in. Perhaps some friends from Dawg Talk and Dawg Town make an appearance?

There were concerns that, with the coaching changes, the start of the Kenner League could be in jeopardy, but the situation appears resolved.

Perhaps more importantly, there are high hopes that highlights may be released again this year as there are summer internships available for high school and college students in, e.g., statistics, videography, photography, event management, and more.

Up until Mac McClung’s video team showed up a couple years back, Kenner had strict no-photograph policies. It is unclear how lax that rule will be this summer, but intern-recorded highlights are always a welcome feature.

Lastly, the early reports are that the hot dogs are still waiting for Bobby Bancroft on the rollers.

Get excited! Here are some links and videos: