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COOLEY WATCH: Zillow Indicates Cooley Property Posted

Reports of Cooley selling his East Greenwich home point to job change

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest news this morning, Providence fans caught wind of a certain home owned by Ed Cooley being listed for sale on Zillow. This seems to indicate to anyone with a brain that Cooley and his wife are on the move, potentially to Washington DC. Everyone is imminently expecting an announcement that Cooley is accepting the job with the Georgetown Hoyas.

Local Fox WPRI reporter Morey Hershgordon confirmed the listing is Cooley’s home.

Earlier posts did not have the link to Zillow, presumably out of deference to Cooley’s privacy, but that’s out the window with Rothstein’s blast.

There is a possibility that the house could be listed for a multitude of reasons, but the personal affects in the photos seem to confirm the house belongs to the Providence coach.

Some BIG EAST fans may remember a summer where Cooley would record himself jumping into his backyard pool after a big recruit announced. That is indeed the same pool.

Last night, a few interviews were released by Hershgordon and WPRI.

Stay tuned …