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Kevin Broadus Talks Georgetown Past and Present

The Current Morgan State coach and former Hoyas assistant was a recent guest on the ALUMNI TALK podcast hosted by Ricky Goings

Connecticut v Georgetown Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The latest episode of Alumni Talk hosted by Ricky Goings is a MUST LISTEN for all Georgetown fans as we get some great stories from behind the curtain by someone that lived it.

Current Morgan State coach and twice former Georgetown assistant Kevin Broadus was the guest and he dropped a ton of great information. Now the pod isn’t just about Georgetown basketball but it was Georgetown heavy this week with a lot of inside stuff only someone like Broadus would be able to share.

Broadus started off the interview by sharing his complete basketball background before getting into first Georgetown story. As it turns out he didn’t realize that a dinner date at a Ruth’s Chris during the Final Four with the Thompsons - Big John, JT3 and Ronny - would turn into an unofficial interview but it did and he passed.

I can’t help but transcribe the quote from Broadus below about how he ended up back at Georgetown and not in the Big 12 when he was ready to get back into coaching after his post-Binghamton break.

“I went back and all was good for me. Big Coach was behind it. I know he was. I’m not too sure some of the administrators that were there wanted me to come back because they thought I was.... They looked at it as I got in trouble and I really didn’t. Some of them were looking at my sideways but one thing I like about Georgetown: they got vision - especially the president. Jack DeGioia is one of the best presidents ever. He is really good. He welcomed me with open arms - him and a couple other people in the high administration. Georgetown’s a great place. Not a good place, a great place.”

Some of the highlights for me:

*The program and Hall of Fame coach that tried to get Broadus to leave the Hoyas staff before he coached a game.

*The recruiting stories. The Rodney Pryor story was pretty good. Broadus also shared his biggest recruiting gets, misses and a last minute surprise. He also tells of the biggest mistake he had while recruiting for the Hoyas.

*The blue blood Broadus had on the table before going to Maryland.

*Choosing Morgan State over Howard and two other coaches the Bison were zeroing in on at the time.

*And of course Broadus gave his thoughts on Patrick Ewing and the current situation at Georgetown.

It’s a great podcast so be sure to listen to the whole thing when you get the chance. Afterwards give Ricky Goings a follow and subscribe to the pod!