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Georgetown Loses at the Buzzer, Falls 84-83 to TCU

Hoyas 2nd half comeback is wiped away in a crazy final sequence

Rafael Suanes/Georgetown Univ.

WASHINGTON — One of the most exciting games in recent Georgetown history wasn’t officially official until the referees called both Ed Cooley Jamie Dixon to midcourt to go over the absolute chaos that had just happened.

The conversation ended with Cooley briefly bending over in disbelief at what he had just heard and with that, Georgetown fell victim to a last second desperation banked 3-pointer from Emanuel Miller, losing 84-83 to TCU. There, was, however a but as Miller clearly stepped on the sideline before launching that final heave.

To get to that point, Georgetown (5-3) had fought back from a 15-point second half deficit and then briefly led by six at 81-75 with under two minutes remaining.

TCU (7-0) closed the game making their final three 3-pointers. Here’s the last one after two Jayden Epps free throws had put the Hoyas up 83-81 with 2.7 ticks remaining.

Video replays showed that Miller - who scored a game-high 29 points - had stepped out of bounds before making his third 3-pointer of the night.

The problem?

The officials were only able to look at the time on the clock in the review and whether the ball left Miller’s hand in time. It did and the Hoyas lost what could have been - probably should have been - the first big win of Cooley’s short time at Georgetown.

After about 20 minutes Cooley gave a masterful A+ performance in the post game press conference, particularly with what he said about the final play.

This is what Georgetown has needed for a few years. Cooley has a plan and he’s not going to waver. Obviously he will need some results between the remaining chances in the non-conference and the Big East but he’s building and you can see and hear progress.

Epps led the Hoyas with 24 points, Dontrez Styles added 18 while Ish Massoud recorded a double-double with 16 points and 10 boards.

More on the game later as I recorded a pod but now there’s the whole business of seeing if the space still exists after SB Nation made some changes on us.

So, what did you think about the final play? What did you think about Cooley’s response? Are you all in for Syracuse next week? Leave your response below!