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LEE REED: Georgetown Director of Athletics Issues Statement to AP

AD Reed comments on the state of Georgetown Basketball

Western Carolina v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s not often fans hear much from the Georgetown Hoyas, so when it does occur, it’s often newsworthy. With Patrick Ewing’s squad receiving 24 straight losses from BIG EAST teams and a losing streak against the last 29 high-major opponents, the Associated Press reached out to Georgetown Athletics for comment.

Director of Athletics Lee Reed’s comments on the state of Georgetown Basketball, per the AP, are:

We recognize this is a challenging and frustrating time for the men’s basketball team and our fans. Coach Ewing understands that it is imperative to get the program back on track and no one is more committed than he is to making that happen.

Challenging and frustrating is correct. The speculation of Patrick Ewing stepping away (or being fired) has gone beyond a boiling point. Reed’s comments are brief and do not reveal anything about the future.

Most people believe that Ewing will finish this season, barring something off the court occurring.

Last March, Reed issued a statement saying:

A Statement from Georgetown Director of Athletics Lee Reed

As a university with high standards and expectations for both academic and athletic excellence, we all share the disappointment of a difficult season.

In this ever evolving landscape of college athletics we are committed to Coach Ewing, and we are working with him to evaluate every aspect of the men’s basketball program and to make the necessary changes for him to put us back on the path to success for next year.

Coach Ewing’s dedication as well as his success in last year’s BIG EAST Tournament is a testament to his leadership. This gives us confidence that he can strengthen our program going forward. I wish to thank all of our supporters and season ticket holders for their ongoing commitment and express my appreciation to the members of our team for their hard work.

The world responded.

Two days later, last March, Ewing responded, saying:

Any announcement about my future will come from me or Georgetown University. First and foremost, I am not a quitter. My plan is to be back next year coaching at my alma mater and bringing this program back to prominence.

Perhaps fans will hear more after the Villanova game.