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LINKS: Mr. Rothstein Goes to Washington

Another national reporter named Jon/John gets to speak with Ewing!

Georgetown Introduce Patrick Ewing Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

There has been very little news coming out from the Hilltop in a quite while, but Jon Rothstein has managed to penetrate the thick walls of the Thompson Athletic Center and even got Patrick Ewing to agree to a little pillow talk ahead of “year six” with the Georgetown Hoyas.

Georgetown has invited another national reporter named John/Jon to the gym ahead of a season of destiny likely full with complete national media. I’m sure it will help sell tickets, improve viewership, drive donations, and generally mend fences after the-year-that-will-not-be-mentioned. The Hoyas must be doing something right after its men’s basketball formula worked so well in the recent past. Promotion is a no brainer in other programs but Georgetown barely put out a press release when the BIG EAST announced the conference schedules. One can’t help but draw a connection between the new depths of media avoidance and the featured prominence of the “Chief of Staff” role.

Regardless, fans are indeed happy for any little glimpse of the practice courts. Some of the info from Rothstein may seem pretty obvious, while other tweets confirm what many fans have suspected.

For instance, Rothstein relays that Akok Akok is cleared health-wise and Primo Spears is still awaiting an eligibility waiver. Also, transfer Brandon Murray might be good.

Rothstein did report that Patrick Ewing shared some interesting thoughts as to the starting point guard spot, saying that “Duquesne transfer Primo Spears and Dante Harris will ‘duke it out.’”

Rothstein’s predicted starting five follows what most fans have assumed.

Today marks the first door-opening of the Thompson Athletic Center since John Fanta interviewed Ewing in early May. A lot has happened since May 4th, including Bradley Ezewiro transferring to GU, Donald Carey transferring to Maryland, Bryson Mozone committing to Georgetown, Aminu Mohammed signing with an agent and staying in the NBA Draft, Qudus Wahab rejoining the Hoyas, and Pat Baldwin reportedly hired as the third assistant. There’s been an NIL event, Kenner League, Kevin Nickelberry’s promotion, Marvel Allen’s commitment, Wahab receiving a waiver, and the much anticipated fill release of the roster.

An Open Practice has been announced and invites to donors delivered.

Here are some other BIG EAST programs opening the doors to local coverage:

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