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ROSTERGATE ’22: Will Georgetown Wait Until Media Day to Release a Roster?

Are we waiting for the photos to develop? Oct. 18th was the release date last year...

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 06 Georgetown at Butler Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s late August and, of the BIG EAST schools, the Georgetown Hoyas are the only program to have not released a roster for the 2022-23 season. In this humble lunch blog contributor’s mind, there are three general potential reasons: (1) they think they can gain an advantage by hiding the ball, (2) they are open to adding (or dismissing) players, or (3) ineptitude. I joke, but how hard is it really to hire a photographer in DC?

Unfortunately, fans are beginning to ask, “What are they hiding this year?” Those questions are based more on recent history than a few alleged rabble-rousers in the Twittersphere. It’s unfortunate.

Last year, the roster release hold up was presumably due to photographs, but fans also learned of the Tre King fiasco, who allegedly broke a GU rule and never suited up. The GU roster was not released until the eve of BIG EAST Media Day in October. Ugh.

This year, there’s been an update to the “coaches” portion of the roster page but a graphic saying “the roster for the selected season is not available at this time” is provided instead of a list of student athletes.

In the spring, Georgetown did a decent job with news articles on the additions of Murray, Primo Spears, Jay Heath, Akok Akok, Bradley Ezewiro, and Bryson Mozone to the 2022-23 roster. I guess we can count on them being around. GU Athletics even came through with an early non-conference schedule. But there have been no press releases since. Where is the roster?

Until proven otherwise, here is the best guess at the 2022-23 roster (added players in bold):

  1. Bryson Mozone 6-6 200 G/F Grad. North Augusta, SC
  2. 31 Wayne Bristol Jr. 6-6 205 G Sr. Upper Marlboro, Md. / St. Thomas More School (Conn.) Howard
  3. 32 Malcolm Wilson 7-0 205 C Sr. Columbia, S.C. / Ridge View
  4. Jay Heath 6-3 195 G Sr. Washington, D.C. / Woodrow Wilson (waiver awaiting?)
  5. Akok Akok 6-9 205 F Sr. Manchester, NH / Putnam
  6. 34 Qudus Wahab 6-11 240 Sr. Lago, Nigeria (waiver acquired)
  7. 2 Dante Harris 6-0 170 G Jr. Washington, D.C. / Lakeway Christian Academy [Tenn.]
  8. 12 Jordan Riley 6-4 195 G So. Brentwood, N.Y. / Brentwood
  9. 21 Ryan Mutombo 7-2 252 C So. Atlanta, Ga. / The Lovett School
  10. Brandon Murray 6-5 214 F So. Baltimore, Md. / IMG Academy
  11. Bradley Ezewiro 6-8 246 F So. Torrance, Calif. / Oak Hill Academy
  12. Primo Spears 6-3 185 So. Hartford, Conn. / Mt. Zion (Md.) Prep
  13. Denver Anglin 6-2 Frosh. G from New Jersey
  14. D’Ante Bass 6-7 Frosh. F from Savannah, Georgia
  15. 55 Victor Muresan 6-10 190 F Jr. Potomac, Md. (walk-on)

UPDATE 8/26: We have a photo...