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Episode 150 of Kente Korner is Here! Georgetown Scheduling News!

Bobby and Andrew talk about the non-conference schedule and more

Georgetown University Hoyas Men’s Basketball

In case you didn’t know, your favorite Casual Hoya podcast is celebrating its 150th episode as we speak. Georgetown released their non-conference schedule and some fans are feeling some types of ways. Bobby spoke with Casual Hoya, himself, Andrew, on Episode 150 of Kente Korner!

The non-conference schedule came out on Tuesday.

Following the release, these esteemed gentlemen took questions from the crowd.

As a quick stroll down memory lane, Kente Korner started in July 2019 with a hope and a dream...

149 episodes later, who would have known that the Kente Korner podcast would become a global phenomenon in its own right?

Over the past few years, Bobby Bancroft and some very special guests of the podcast have discussed everything from game previews and recaps, Georgetown hoops history, John Thompson, Patrick Ewing, Kenner League, COVID-19 scheduling, and emergency podcasts on transfers and recruiting announcements.

While last year is probably best forgotten, who could forget episodes in wake of the Great Defection, the under-manned comeback efforts last year, Mac McCl*ng entering the draft and eventually transferring, the Ryan Mutombo-blog closing drama, and the podcasts leading up to Aminu Mohammed’s decision to come to Georgetown?

How about the roller coaster of emotions with FLHoya and NYHoya in the Hoya Madness/Sadness brackets?

And did you know that Ben Standig took a trip to Las Vegas?

Re-listen to some of our favorite episodes including guests like Austin Freeman & Chris Wright, GU Soccer Coach Brian Wiese, recruiting expert Corey Evans, Monica McNutt, and the incomparable Rich Chvotkin!

So, please use this time to reflect on some of your favorite moments of Kente Korner and share your thoughts about your favorite Casual Hoya podcast!

And give a special “thank you” to Bobby and all his guests over the 149 episodes for creating some great Georgetown Hoyas basketball content and discussions!