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DAWG-PARK: Hoyas Alums to Meet Maryland Alums in August ABL Matchup

Wright taps Monroe, Sims, Mosely, Bowen, Pryor, Clark and Whittington

Maryland v Georegtown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

On August 6th, at 8PM, at the XFINITY Center in College Park, MD, alumni from the Georgetown Hoyas will face alumni from the Maryland Terrapins as part of the Alumni Basketball League (ABL). Dawg Talk will by led by Chris Wright and Travis Garrison will lead the “College Park Boys.” General Admission tickets are available for $25.

Based on Friday’s social media blitz, the Dawg Talk roster will include Chris Wright (GM), Greg Monroe, Henry Sims, Jagan Mosely, Aaron Bowen, Rodney Pryor, Greg Whittington, and Jason Clark.

The College Park Boys feature Travis Garrison (GM), Anthony Cowan Jr., Sean Mosley, Damonte Dodd, Ekene Ibekwe, Byron Mouton, Terrell Stoglin, and Melo Trimble.

The date was originally announced on July 9th, with news of the location and rosters unavailable for release at the time. Now we know it’s an 8PM on Saturday, August 6th on the University of Maryland’s campus.

Emmett Siegel of the Testudo Times, wrote about the ABL matchup:

On Aug. 6, though, the Terps and Hoyas will face off under a pair of fresh monikers. The “College Park Boys” from Maryland and “Dawg Talk” from Georgetown will bring together a collection of recent alumni from the storied programs for a showdown aimed at fostering a link between not only the players on the court, but the fans that fervently cheer on the two teams every season.

“We want to connect these players to the alumni and fan bases, and put on a game that connects different eras [and] connects different schools,” said Marc Stern, the Alumni Basketball League’s East Coast Division Director of Marketing. “Obviously, there’s a big geographic component in this in that Maryland and Georgetown are so close together, they recruit from the same area. Lots of players transfer from Georgetown to Maryland and vice versa, especially recently. And they’ve just always been the two dominant teams in the DMV. So to have them face off against each other with their fan bases in tow is just great representation for the DMV as a whole.”

Stern’s endorsement is one that holds weight, as he has been firmly entrenched in the DMV basketball scene for over a decade. He has been the owner and president of Capitol Hoops — a media outlet that gives exposure to local high school basketball players with a YouTube channel accumulating over 10,000 subscribers — since 2010 and co-founded DMV Live, one of the nation’s most well-attended NCAA-approved basketball recruiting events.