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QASUAL QUESTIONS: News About Wahab, Mohammed May Make Georgetown Roster Clearer

Wahab you been eating recently? Getting enough Aminu Acids?

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Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament - Marquette v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

There was some news yesterday: Qudus Wahab will be coming back to the Georgetown Hoyas. Since yesterday was Q-Day, perhaps it’s time to bring back the world-famous “Qasual Questions” for the GLOBAL PHENOMENON lunch blog.

It appears that the significantly improved Hoyas roster is getting some attention, especially considering the struggles of last year.

Also, it does appear that the Georgetown roster may have exceeded allowable capacity under the current NCAA rules.

The Athletic has reported that scholarship limits may be transitioned to roster limits (e.g., 14 roster spots instead of just 13 scholarships) around August. Separately, Hilltop Hoops has reported that a center not named Ryan may transition to become a walk-on next year. Moreover, second-time transfers in Jay Heath and Qudus Wahab still have to get waivers.

To those players who have moved on from the Hoyas, we wish them well. Aminu Mohammed has an NBA agent now, so he’s gone. Timothy Ighoefe signed with California Baptist. Collin Holloway signed with Tulane. Jalin Billingsley committed to Eastern Michigan. Kobe Clark will transfer to Southeast Missouri State. Tyler Beard will join University of Pacific. Don Carey is headed to Maryland for his fifth year.

The current 2022-23 roster is expected to look like this right now—with 9 players not on the team last year (bolded) and 11 players who did not play a single minute during the conference season last year (Bristol and Riley):

  1. Bryson Mozone 6-6 200 G/F Grad. North Augusta, SC
  2. 31 Wayne Bristol Jr. 6-6 205 G Sr. Upper Marlboro, Md. / St. Thomas More School (Conn.) Howard
  3. 32 Malcolm Wilson 7-0 205 C Sr. Columbia, S.C. / Ridge View
  4. Jay Heath 6-3 195 G Sr. Washington, D.C. / Woodrow Wilson
  5. Akok Akok 6-9 205 F Sr. Manchester, NH / Putnam
  6. 34 Qudus Wahab 6-11 240 Sr. Lago, Nigeria
  7. 2 Dante Harris 6-0 170 G Jr. Washington, D.C. / Lakeway Christian Academy [Tenn.]
  8. 12 Jordan Riley 6-4 195 G So. Brentwood, N.Y. / Brentwood
  9. 21 Ryan Mutombo 7-2 252 C So. Atlanta, Ga. / The Lovett School
  10. Brandon Murray 6-5 214 F Baltimore, Md. / IMG Academy
  11. Bradley Ezewiro 6-8 246 F Torrance, Calif. / Oak Hill Academy
  12. Primo Spears 6-3 185 Hartford, Conn. / Mt. Zion (Md.) Prep
  13. Incoming freshman Denver Anglin 6-2 G from New Jersey
  14. Incoming freshman D’Ante Bass 6-7 F from Savannah, Georgia
  15. 55 Victor Muresan 6-10 190 F Jr. Potomac, Md. (walk-on)

Last week, the BIG EAST also announced the Big 12 Battle opponents and dates. Georgetown’s 2022-23 schedule is still pretty slim with only Texas Tech (away), Syracuse (away), South Carolina (home), and a mystery Big Ten opponent on the slate.

With a roster constructed to (hopefully) win sooner than later, we’ll see if Patrick Ewing makes some calls and schedules opponents like he wants to earn an NET score able to get into a postseason tournament.

J. Quashie & Hoyasnation

So that brings us to reviving Qasual Questions—at least to celebrate Q-day—using the new 2022 blog commenting system! What could go wrong?


  1. What letter grade would you give this off-season for the Hoyas?
  2. Who is your starting five for GU next year?
  3. What nonconference team (besides Maryland) should Ewing schedule?
  4. What are you having for lunch today?
  5. What Georgetown thing/tradition could a retuning transfer do to prove to the few loud naysayers that he’s truly a Hoya?