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THREAD: Opening Rounds of NCAA Tournament Games

Please limit basketball talk, this is a lunch documentation zone

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Four Practice Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Simply put, this is the spot where you share your lunches on Thursday and Friday. Also, there happens to be some basketball games being broadcast and the shadowy blog overlords always seem to be a little happier with us posting a game thread for our tens of thousands of commenters to come together and compliment one another.

We don’t need to talk about how long it’s been since the Georgetown Hoyas have participated in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. (Wait, it’s only one year? That can’t be right).

There are a couple teams in the NCAA Men’s Tournament to consider rooting for this year for Hoyas fans: (a) the BIG EAST teams (for a cut of the money) and (b) the Longwood Lancers, one of the six victims of the infamous Georgetown Hoyas. They might be my pick to win it all.

Of course, if there is still time, feel free to enter the 2022 edition of the Casual Bracket Challenge.

If you do feel compelled to talk about basketball news like the games, or Cooley doing weird shit, or Xavier firing their coach after an NIT tournament win, or whatever, feel free.

Here are the NCAA Men’s Tournament schedules:


But make sure you enjoy documenting those lunches.

And leave any of your witty and not-so-witty comments right here.