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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Four Practice

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The Casual Bracket Challenge is Back!

You know the drill.

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It is finally March, ladies and gentlemen. We collectively made it through the long darkness of winter and an even darker winless season of BIG EAST hoops. Your Georgetown Hoyas are not in the mix this year, but time marches on. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament gets rolling in just a couple of days, live from host cities around the country.

That means it’s time for all of you basketball savants to prove just how much more you know about this game than the rest of the miscreants who regularly read THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON. Reminding others that your knowledge is superior to their own is probably one of Georgetown’s oldest traditions, so make your picks for a chance to claim bracket supremacy. It’s almost certainly healthier than spending hours/days/weeks gaming out all of the actions and inactions that might happen within our own program between now and mid-November.

Besides, it is a fine lunch blog tradition to cope with stress by engaging in...a little bit of low-stakes gambling? Sure, that sounds right.

(Note: It looks like CBS Sports does support picking individual brackets for this year’s Women’s Tournament, but I can’t seem to configure the settings in such a way that allows for competition within a pool setting. If somebody knows what sorcery it takes to make that happen, I’m all ears!)

How do you enter?

Click Here to join. The password is: CASUAL. (The name of the group is “Casual Hoya Bracket Challenge” because there is no need to get cute.)

Why should you play?

Stop lying to yourself. You are not doing much (school)work this time of year anyway.

When does it close to new entries?

Picks must be in before the Round of 64 games tip, around Noon on Thursday, 3/17.

What will you win?

Eternal glory. Bragging rights. Perhaps some homemade baked goods, if you’d like.

2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket
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