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COACHING CHANGES: Georgetown Makes Changes to Patrick Ewing’s Staff

Are these the “necessary changes” to which the AD’s statement referred?

Georgetown v St John’s Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Three days after the season ended for the Georgetown Hoyas, a pair of staff changes has been announced—Assistant Coaches Robert Kirby and Akbar Waheed are “out.” At minimum, this announcement seems to be confirmation that Patrick Ewing will not be let go and will not be stepping down—everything now points to Pat, in fact, coming back next year with a different coaching staff.

Fans have been clamoring for change but this move feels like too little, too late. Several prominent Hoyas advocates have taken to Twitter to express that this change is tone deaf and clearly not enough. On the face of things, it certainly seems unfair to make former assistant coaches Robert Kirby and Akbar Waheed the de facto “fall guys” of a 0-19 conference season.

It’s hard to criticize assistant coaches who are undoubtedly working hard, travelling a lot, and receiving none of the praise when a program is successful. Each of Kirby and Waheed have had some solid recruiting wins recently, but clearly it was not enough. Whether Ewing and the powers-that-be were unimpressed by their recruiting, communication, or coaching acumen—after five years of working together—remains a mystery.

It is notable that both coaches were also on the staff of John Thompson III, with Kirby also coaching Georgetown in 2010-12.

In part, “The Statement” said:

In this ever evolving landscape of college athletics we are committed to Coach Ewing, and we are working with him to evaluate every aspect of the men’s basketball program and to make the necessary changes for him to put us back on the path to success for next year.

If more changes to the coaching staff are coming, perhaps Louis Orr shifting roles is an option. Fans have been calling for current Special Assistant Clinton Crouch to take on the job of full Assistant Coach, but nothing has been said officially about Orr or Crouch.

The next step will likely be hiring replacements—likely assistant coaches who will have to help with strategy and recruiting. Will Patrick Ewing be able to persuade good coaches to join what looks to be a sinking ship? Georgetown has already been linked with former assistant coach and current Morgan State head coach, Kevin Broadus.

As for the rest of the staff, as of right now, it appears that Director of Basketball Operation Bill Howze and “Chief of Staff” Ronny Thompson remain in their respective roles at Georgetown.

This is a developing story.