Founded in 1855, Georgetown University is home to a diverse student population that makes for a vibrant and active community. From academics to athletics, you will find plenty to enjoy at Georgetown

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Located in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University is an NCAA Division I school. It has been awarded 23 NCAA Division 1 national championships and has a 94% graduation rate. In fact, more than one hundred students have gone on to play professionally after graduating from the school.

Georgetown is a private, not-for-profit school. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,598 (fall 2021). The university is a member of the NCAA Division I. It offers a variety of services to students, including nonremedial tutoring, a placement service, and a women's center. It also allows students to purchase alcohol for legal consumption.

Georgetown University's undergraduate enrollment has risen by more than 300 students over the past decade. The university has also been ranked as one of the top institutions in the nation for the last few years. The university offers a number of services to students, including a health center, 24-hour patrols, 24-hour emergency telephones, and late night transport.

Georgetown University is a student-centered research university. The school's faculty conduct research in hundreds of different subjects. They have a strong focus on science and religion, as well as social mobility and ethics. The university's libraries house over 3.5 million printed items.

Campus safety and security

Among the many things that Georgetown University and the Office of Campus Safety & Security have in common is their emphasis on campus safety. The university, through its website and emails, encourages students to take a moment to check the doors of their residence halls. Students should also be aware that non-university affiliated individuals may also enter their residence halls.

The Office of Campus Safety & Security coordinates many aspects of campus safety and security. Staff are available 24 hours a day to assist students and other individuals who need to report a hazard or emergency. These staff members work closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that the Georgetown College community is safe and secure.

Georgetown University's Department of Public Safety provides security on the Main campus and on off-campus properties. The department works closely with the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department and the National Park Service Police. They also investigate crimes in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Department.

Accessibility options for disabled students

Despite a slew of surveys and town halls, Georgetown University is still working on how to make their campus accessible to students with disabilities. They are working to improve accessibility in two ways. First, they are expanding programs to help disabled students in their studies. Second, they are making accommodations for those with disabilities who are studying online.

The first access coordinator hired at Georgetown University had no disability experience at all. The university has since taken a more proactive approach to accommodations, and it's a good sign.

The university's Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) can provide accommodations for students who need additional support. The university also has a central pool of funding for CART captioning and ASL interpretation. If you have a disability, you can request a special handicapped parking space. The office also can help you meet accessibility requirements for your class.

The Academic Resource Center, or ARC, is the primary location for students with disabilities. The center has a mission to provide academic support to students with disabilities, including student athletes. It is a department in the Division of Student Affairs. It also includes tutoring, learning support, and disability services.

Team name derived from the Greek and Latin chant "Hoya Saxa"

Using the Greek and Latin chant, "Hoya Saxa," Georgetown University teams are often called the "Hoyas." This team name comes from the team chant "Hoya Saxa," which means "What rocks!" During games, if someone yells, "Hoy-AH!" it means, "What rocks!"

The name "Hoya Saxa" has its origins in the late nineteenth century. When a loud student at Georgetown University asked the student mascot committee what the team name would be, they suggested the term "rocks". This student applied the Greek and Latin chant to name the team.

The nickname was used widely by the newspaper The HOYA by 1928. The fledgling student newspaper petitioned to change the name to "The HOYA." This was seen as a more representative name for the University. The nickname was eventually used to name the sports teams as well.

The term "Hoya" has been used in Biblical quotations. It is also found in the fight song for the College of Holy Cross. Marquette University also uses the term.

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