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Kente Korner Episode 154: Hoyas Lose and It’s Déjà vu

Bobby is joined by Marcus to talk about the loss to Northwestern

Georgetown University Hoyas Men’s Basketball

In a game where many fans felt frustrations of the last handful of years boil up again in a bit of déjà vu, this episode of Kente Korner, with Bobby Bancroft and Marcus Washington, brings Georgetown Hoyas basketball back down to earth by pointing out some key differences.

Rather than resigning to a broad, dramatic doom-and-gloom view of the team and program, Marcus and Bobby take the time to break down key shortcomings, on offense and defense, such as new perimeter woes, trapping woes, and lack of ball movement. Not too negative, and not overly positive, this podcast was a breath of fresh air after an aggravating game to watch.

Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast platform. And in case you want a glimpse of these guys in action, check out the video posted by MTCWithMook.

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