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LINKS: Ewing Heads to MSG for BIG EAST Media Day

Wahab and Murray join Coach Pat at the Garden

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Patrick Ewing, along with Qudus Wahab and Brandon Murray, visited Madison Square Garden today for the 2022-23 BIG EAST Media Day. Overall, Ewing mostly said what was expected in terms of a 10th-ranked team coming off a rough year.

Expected quotes from Pat about improving the talent, being a work in progress, having a lot of work to do, trying to gel, and more were supplemented with a pleasant note that he and the staff were sharing the blame for last season. Onward and upward.

Here is the YouTube video of BIG EAST Shootaround, with Ewing’s portion starting at about 2:01.02

Here are the links:

‘You can always sense when a team is hungry’: Xavier’s Sean Miller at Big East Media Day |

“Xavier’s believed in me really two different times, right?” Miller told reporters on Tuesday morning during Big East Conference Media Day at Madison Square Garden. “Number one, gave me my first head coaching opportunity when my record was zero and zero. You always need that first person to believe in you. And then secondly, I have now had the opportunity for them to believe in who I am.

“And at a critical time for Xavier. We haven’t been to the (NCAA) tournament in four years and we’re in arguably the best conference in the country, certainly one of them, so it’s a tall order and their belief in me makes me feel even better, if that was possible, about being back at Xavier living in Cincinnati ... I’m grateful to be back.”

Discussion at 1:54 and Ewing at 1:56:33 with Rob Dauster and Terrence Oglesby for The Field Of 68.

Commissioner Val Ackerman on expansion: ‘I don’t think the Big East will stay at 11 forever’ | The Athletic (Dana O’Neil)

“I don’t think the Big East will stay at 11 forever,” Ackerman told The Athletic during the league’s media day at Madison Square Garden. “I can’t quantify when, but there’s too much going on around us. Maybe it’s proactive, or it could be reactive expansion. You’d rather be proactive, but maybe other things helping elsewhere and certain opportunities are presented to us that we didn’t see and then we act on those. Either way, it’s fine” ...

But the league is in a unique position to be choosy. Now in its 10th year since its reconfiguration, one made necessary by the last major wave of realignment, the Big East is no longer susceptible to being picked apart. It has no football — save UConn — to steal, and thereby can seek teams rather than fend off the power conferences. Ackerman said the league will consider a number of factors if and when it chooses to expand.