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REWIND: Georgetown’s Ewing Talks Hoyas, Big East in the 80s

Patrick discussed defense, Thompson with a pair of former conference foes

Georgetown University vs Villanova University, 1985 NCAA Finals Set Number: X31324 TK3 R24 F10

While fans of the Georgetown Hoyas patiently wait for the season to start, a little dose of nostalgia never hurt anyone. Chuck Everson of Villanova and Sonny Spera of Syracuse hosted Patrick Ewing as part of their Big East Rewind Zoomcast on YouTube.

The full 27-minute conversation is sure to be steeped in the glory days of Georgetown, Thompson, and Ewing.

This blog contributor sadly admits that he has not found time to review the full interview. A quick glance at the video reveals some heavy discussion of pressure defense by the Hoyas and in the Big East.

In case you missed their last episode, Hoyas legends and fan-favorite video-bloggers Gene Smith and Chris Wright appeared and spoke about NIL.

These two seem like must-watches for Hoyas fans. Feel free to drop any key insights in the comments below.