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WIENERS: No Kenner League this Summer

Enjoy watching the full-capacity NBA games because there’s no Kenner to see

West Virginia v Georgetown

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Kenner League is cancelled this summer. This is the second skipped year in a row due to fucking COVID-19. It is a major bummer for everyone who was hoping to catch a glimpse of the seven new men’s basketball players for the Georgetown Hoyas.

Personally, it is this humble blogger’s opinion that not having the legendary on-campus summer league this year is illogical and unreasonable. They could even skip the hot dogs for a year. Vaccinating and/or testing a few dozen players before each game is not a monumental task. Patrick Ewing and staff have been photographed inside watching recruits.

MLB stadiums and NBA arenas have been open to capacity crowds in most states and even swampy DC. For instance, Capital One Arena, the Hoyas’ home court, hosted hefty crowds with the Washington Wizards playoff games over one month ago!

Canceling Kenner feels like a punishment to basketball fans—fans who followed the Hoyas from afar for a year and remotely rooted them to a BIG EAST Tournament Championship. Georgetown has summer students on campus and is preparing for a campus full of students coming in August. Again, a few extra players and fans doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Georgetown University is either tone deaf or too bogged down with indecision and bureaucracy to make the simple, right move.