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SB Nation features 1996 Georgetown-UConn, Iverson-Allen match-up

Secret Base does a “Rewinder” on the ‘96 Big East Tournament battle

Ray Allen Connecticut

With the renewal of the Georgetown-UConn rivalry this year and a meaningful March game on Saturday for both historic programs, the folks at SB Nation put together a “Rewinder” video on the classic 1996 meeting between the Hoyas and the Huskies in the Big East Tournament.

Of course, this match-up came down to the final buzzer and all eyes were on two of the greatest-ever to play in this conference: Allen Iverson and Ray Allen.

The video provides backstory for the rivalry between Georgetown and Connecticut, as well as context for the performances of the Big East Player of the Year and the Defensive Player of the year.

Perfect timing for the Hoyas-Huskies game and the impending conference tournament, the video makes even those well-versed in Hoya history question the outcome of the film. There’s also a singled-out quote from a newspaper article in the video referencing a crowd-made sign carrying the immortal and apparently Casual phrase, “UConn has the wrong Allen.” It’s great pregame viewing.

SB Nation’s “Secret Base” is known for great video features and is relatively new. In August 2020, a press release identified the group as “dedicated to entertaining journalism from the network’s most creative individuals and teams” and focusing on “smart, memorable stories — that happen to be about sports — and find[ing] unconventional ways to tell them for an audience of sports lovers...and people who say they ‘don’t like sports.’” They’ve certainly provided a look-back at this game in a unique, fun way.

This 1996 conference tournament game is often looked at for its finish, but the talent was amazing top to bottom. In addition to Iverson, Georgetown’s roster comprised Othella Harrington, Jerome “JYD” Williams, Victor Page, Jahidi White, and Boubacar Aw, among other Hoyas stand-outs. Both ESPN and NBC Sports have reviewed the matchup and rosters in fairly recent times. Casual Hoya featured a submitted essay as a look-back at the game many years ago around AI’s retirement. Not much more can be said about the special moment at Madison Square Garden that closed their Big East legacies.

Of course, there are a couple other YouTube videos on the subject if you fall down the rabbit hole, but be sure to check out and subscribe to Secret Base.