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Hi. How are things? You feeling good? Terrific. First things first – we have to admit that there’s something glorious about waking up on a Sunday morning, still fully dressed in Georgetown gear, realizing that the sun is shining, it’s Selection Sunday, and the previous four days were not a dream. The team that was picked unanimously in the preseason to finish last in the conference just romped through the league and won the Big East title. Everything is amazing, nothing makes sense, our pets heads are falling off, but most importantly….

Your Georgetown Hoyas just won the f*cking Big East championship (for the first time since 2007) and are about to play in the NCAA Tourney (for the first time since 2015). And they did it all on the anniversary of Coach Thompson’s hiring as head basketball coach on the Hilltop, and during the very same year of his passing. This is the storybook ending of all storybook endings. AND YET, we aren’t even done yet, people…..

Without further ado, it’s time to celebrate the high highs and hand out hardware to those most deserving. If you’re reading this in the bathroom, you may want to forewarn others in your abode that you might be awhile because, ahem, this is THE LONGEST AND STRONGEST edition of THE CASUAL AWARDS in the history of the Internet.

You’re welcome, America. Away we go…

The Chris Wright/Jagan Mosely Heart of a Champion Award:

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

All of us.

Getty Images via AFP

You know who deserves this? We do. All of us. All of us who have waited six long years for an NCAA Tourney appearance. All of us who have suffered through the last six sub-par seasons. All of us who decided to “not care so much about college basketball anymore” because it’s not healthy. All of us who ignored that advice and continued to follow this team religiously anyway because, hey, they eventually have to be good again, right?

For those of you who gave up your season tickets, reduced your fandom from obsessive to mild, and decided to watch the Big East Tourney just for the heck of it, welcome back. We’ve missed you.

And for those of you who watched every last minute of our blowout losses to Creighton (at McDonough) and UConn (in Storrs), how much sweeter does all of this feel?

We avenged a loss to Marquette (emphatically). We broke a tie with Villanova (dramatically) (we now hold the edge on the all-time head-to-head record, 45-44). We ended the Tyler Adams curse against Seton Hall (acrobatically). And then, we crushed Creighton and won our eighth Big East championship (spectacularly). We are no longer tied with UConn for most conference titles. We’re all by ourselves at the top.

We even exorcised the Nikita Mescheriakov demons.

Jamorko hit the side of the backboard on a deep shot attempt at MSG….AND IT DIDN’T EVEN FAZE US.

Stunningly, we did it with a different hero every night: Blair’s points against Marquette; Dante’s craftiness and passing against ‘Nova; Pickett’s scoring and defense against Seton Hall; Chudi’s dominance on both sides of the court against Creighton; and Wahab’s consistent big man performance in all four games.

Started from the bottom now we’re here...

walking into Saturday like...

The 1985 Bears Defense Award for Playing Swarming Defense Award:

Your 2K21 Georgetown Hoyas. Again.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Forget about the wins and losses in the last six years. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of our team’s play in recent years has been the absolute lack of defensive intensity. In JTIII’s last two years, we couldn’t stop fouling. In Ewing’s first three years, we had some of the worst perimeter defense in the country.

In New York, all of that changed. The fire returned. Our guys played hard and nothing was easy. Nothing.

In four games at the Garden, our opponents scored 49, 71, 58, and 48. For the sake of comparison, Creighton scored fewer points than Syracuse did on March 9, 2013 in that epic regular season win against the Orange. Creighton actually tied its output for fewest points of the season in a game. Want to know the only other time the Bluejays scored a mere 48? When we pummeled them on their home court just a month earlier. NOT. A. FLUKE.

Defense is about setting the tone. And our young KILLERS just did that. In a Tourney filled with at least ten moments and images that we will treasure for years, perhaps our favorite one is the DOUBLE BLOCK by Bile and Wahab in the last minute against Seton Hall. Nothing comes easy. If you want a basket against this squad, you better bring it hard or else don’t bring it at all.

And kudos to our guy Jamorko for ABSOLUTELY SHUTTING DOWN SANDRO MAMUKELASHVILI ON FRIDAY NIGHT. The co-Big East POY was 3 for 16….


Speaking of which…

The Steve Wojciechowski Award for Excellence in Floor Slaps:

Dante Harris and Chudier Bile.

Floor slaps are lame, except when your Georgetown Hoyas are doing the slapping. Against Creighton, the defensive intensity was infectious and after one series, lil’ Dante and Chudi decided to slap the floor in succession. Because we care about defense again.

The Akinjo floor slap against Seton Hall on Jessie Govan’s senior day was a thing of beauty; but the DOUBLE FLOOR SLAP by Harris and Bile on the verge of winning the chip was F*CKING GLORIOUS.

Love the excitement.

The Geico Award for Excellence in Commercials:


Sorry- a brief interlude here to celebrate two commercials that popped up every so often during the Big East Tournament that made us smile every damn time.

First, and obviously, the Dikembe Mutombo commercial where he blocks the sh*t out of everyone, including a little boy who just wants a box of cereal.

On the Dan Patrick show, Ewing acknowledged that he loves the commercial even though he still can’t understand a word Dikembe is saying.

And also some love for Tag Team and their “Scoop! There it is!” commercial. The singing, the dancing, the chocolate syrup. Makes the kids go wild. Thank you.

The Edgar Martinez Award for Being an Outstanding DH:

Dante Harris.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Creighton vs Georgetown Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Umm, wow. We see you, DH. Designated Hero. YET AGAIN.

A little bit of perspective here. Dante Harris was an under-the-radar two star recruit out of Tennessee who had apparently only received offers from Georgia State and Toledo. He committed to Georgetown in October 2019:

So, let’s think about this. When he committed, he must have expected to be playing behind at least James Akinjo for a couple of years. But then the GREAT DEFECTION of late 2019 happened. And yet, by the end of the 2019-20 season, in the throes of the covid pandemic, young Dante was still probably the third option at the point for your Hoyas. Some thought Mac McClung would have a go at the point (with Terrell Allen and Akinjo departing). As insurance, the Hoyas picked up grad transfer Jalen Harris. But fast forward a few months and DH found himself as the most viable option at the point as a TRUE FRESHMAN.

You honestly can’t make this sh*t up. In the ultimate underdog redemption story, a two star kid who was overlooked by most major conference schools steps into a starting role on a team that was looking to relive its storied past. And somehow, the little guy delivered.

After a rocky opening game against Marquette (even in a rocky game, by the way, he had FIVE steals), Lil’ Dante scored 18 points and dished out five assists against ‘Nova. He then had a solid 15 points against Seton Hall. And in the championship game, all he did was put up his most balanced game of the year with ten points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Dante Harris. Most Outstanding Player. Is this real life?

We want to take that image of Patrick cradling Dante’s head against his chest, frame it, and put it outside Healy Hall forever.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Creighton vs Georgetown Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In perhaps the greatest exchange of the night between our guy Gus Johnson and All-American Jimmy Jackson, they said this:

Jim Jackson: “You know what I love about Dante Harris’s game?”

Gus Johnson: “Everything?”

Love this kid’s heart. The sky is the limit, young Dante. Keep grinding.

The Home Alone Award for Celebrating Big East Titles during Covid:

All of us.

It’s fun to go to Madison Square Garden to root for the Hoyas during Tournament week. We enjoy it.

It is less fun to be prancing around by ourselves in cramped studio apartments or suburban basements, suffering through another day of self-contained covid-fueled misery.

We miss crowds. We miss hugging people. We miss watching live sports.

Going on this magical run through the Tourney during the Year of Covid is basically the most Georgetown thing to do….

(But we’re cool with it.)

Side note: Shout-out to those tens of Hoya fans who were part of the “friends and family” crew that was permitted to attend the game in person. We heard you on the TV, fam. The “This is our house” chant was epic.

In the words of Kevin McAllister, “This is my house. I have to defend it.”

The John Starks Award for Shooters That Shoot:

Jahvon Blair.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Seton Hall vs Georgetown Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

We see you, Juggy. Again.

Jahvon Blair likes to shoot. Jahvon Blair likes to shoot threes. Jahvon Blair likes to shoot teardrops.

In four days at the Garden, the hottest sixth man in the country poured in a combined 61 points to lead all Hoyas. Against Marquette, he led the team with 20 points. Against ‘Nova, he brought the Hoyas back into the game after a sluggish start. And against Creighton, with the lights shining brightest and the game tight midway through the first half, he just kept shooting, pouring in an impressive 18 points and five boards in only 25 minutes, including four massive threes to help the Hoyas run away with the game. He hit a deep three. He banked in a three. And he hit a wild one-handed flip behind his head for a basket.

In short, he did what he always does. Because shooters gotta shoot.

Stay hungry, Canada.

The “World Turned Upside Down” Award:

Look, we all love using hyperbole and silliness when describing the exploits of our mighty Hoyas. It’s fun. It makes us smile. But throughout our magical four-day run to the championship, it felt like EVERYONE was in on the joke. It felt like we were on a different f*cking planet. To wit:

Rob Stone: “This Hoya run, this domination is going to be talked about for generations.” WTF.

Gus Johnson: “You know who this guy (Dante Harris) reminds me of? Allen Iverson!” Son.

Casual Hoya tweeted “GEORGETOWN IS THE GAMESTOP OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL.” And Fox decided to broadcast that tweet on national television to the masses. What timeline are we on? Is the flux capacitor working again?

When Rob Stone interviewed Ewing after the game, WE ARE PRETTY SURE HE WAS CRYING.


And, speaking of insane rhetoric on television….a moment, please, for our guy STEVE LAVIN.

Listen, we will acknowledge straight off the bat that we like Steve Lavin and we support everything Steve Lavin has been saying about Georgetown basketball throughout the week. That said, he said things that NOT EVEN WE HERE IN THE AWARDS WOULD SAY IN JEST.

He said (before we even won on Saturday) that Georgetown’s march through the Big East Tourney was “clearly the biggest story in all of college basketball”.

He said that if he were GONZAGA, he wouldn’t want to play Georgetown. (Gonzaga is an undefeated national powerhouse and arguably one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time.) Wut.

It’s almost as if Lavin and all of these guys are under Dua Lipa’s spell...

Everyone is a cartoonish vegetable dancing in a rainbow-filled fantasy land. Again, nothing makes sense. WE ARE LIVING IN OUTER SPACE.

The “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” Award:

Your Big East Tournament Champion Georgetown Hoyas.

Each of these statements is true about the thrashing Georgetown gave Creighton in the final….

Jamorko Pickett did not score a single field goal.

Qudus Wahab made only 1 of 7 free throws and committed four turnovers.

Dante Harris missed ALL FIVE of his three point attempts.

Georgetown only made 50% of its free throws (9-18).

Marcus Zegarowski (brother of Syracuse foe Michael Carter-Williams) attempted eight field goals and only missed once.

Georgetown had more turnovers (12) than Creighton.

Nine minutes into this game, Georgetown had scored a grand total of six points.

Malcolm Wilson had the same number of points (2) as Jamorko Pickett.


For those keeping track at home, your Hoyas went on an 18-0 run, a 29-3 run, and a 46-8 run. SHEEE-IT.

(By the way, is it wrong that we’re upset about the nine missed free throws? WE SHOULD’VE WON BY 30, Y’ALL.)

The Patrick Ewing / Alonzo Mourning / Dikembe Mutombo / Othella Harrington / Mike Sweetney / Roy Hibbert / Greg Monroe Award for Being a Dominant Georgetown Big Man Award:

Qudus Wahab. Again.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

In four games at the Garden, all Q did was pour in 57 points and 33 rebounds. He was an absolute rock in every game and immediately set the tone by tossing in an array of dunks, jump hooks and free throws.

Against Villanova, he made an Earth-shattering, game-tying old-fashioned three point play ON A FEROCIOUS DUNK to keep our hopes alive. His performance was nothing short of magical.

This kid is only going to improve. As he learns to pass the ball out of double teams more quickly, and put the ball on the floor a little less often, he’ll become even more of a stud.

Against Creighton, he had his worst game of the Tourney (four turnovers and only went 1-7 from the line), and yet, he still dominated by putting up a solid 11 points and 12 boards. When the big fella has a “disappointing” night, yet still has a double-double and Georgetown wins by 25, we’ll take that result every day of the week.

It was fitting for Q to break out on his coach’s old stomping grounds. Keep beasting, young fella. After all, this is BIG MAN U and you are most certainly a BIG MAN.

The Andy Dufresne Award for Crawling Through a River of Sh*t and Coming out Clean on the Other Side:

All of us.

It’s been a long six years since your Hoyas lost that game to Utah in the spring of 2015. Five straight years of missing the Big Dance. Only a single Big East Tourney win. Lots of losses, lots of transfers, lots of sadness.

And this last year was even worse. A global pandemic, racial protests, forest fires, election craziness….

And then this week happened. And all of the misery vanished “like a fart in the wind”.

The day after Saturday’s headline-grabbing exclamation mark of a Tourney romp, NYHoya found himself walking around town, draped in Georgetown gear, listening to LMFAO’s “Shots”, and witnessing a bulldog pulling its owner on the sidewalk. Perfection.

The Georgetown “Study Abroad” Award for Visiting Interesting Places During College Award:

Chudi Bile.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Creighton vs Georgetown Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who may have missed it during the live telecast, apparently Chudi’s favorite destination is Israel. Which got us thinking...Chris Wright played in Israel.

Imagine Chudi and Lumpy breaking matzah at a disco in Tel Aviv. Shabbat shalom, my Hoya brothers. We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Chudi had his best two games of the Tourney during the Sabbath.

Don’t look now, but our next game is on a Saturday afternoon….

The Van Gundy Brothers Award for Excellence in Coaching Award:

Patrick Ewing.

We gave ol’ #33 a bit of praise in the last Awards, but it’s worth repeating.

Patrick wasn’t handed anything. Despite being an NBA Hall of Famer, he labored through 15 years of coaching as an assistant and still couldn’t receive an opportunity to be an NBA head coach.

They thought he was too tall. They thought big men couldn’t coach. They said he wasn’t articulate enough. But he didn’t give up. He just kept working.

And now, he just did the damn thing and won a Big East championship. How does it feel, Patrick?

It was heartwarming to see what everyone had to say about Patrick on Saturday night:

• Pat Riley: “If I was a high school player and was really good, I’d want to go with somebody who was not going to kiss my [butt], who coached the hell out of me, and made me better. I guarantee I’d want to play for Patrick Ewing.”

• Steve Lavin: “Who wouldn’t want to play for Patrick Ewing?”

• Stan Van Gundy: “Patrick Ewing and the Hoyas were unbelievable. Their defense was dominant against a very good team. This guy can really coach!”

• John Fanta: “What Coach Ewing did this evening and throughout this week is one of the all time great coaching jobs in the history of the BIG EAST Conference.”

And by the way, did anyone else notice how the MSG floor announcer saluted Patrick during pregame intros by giving him the old 90s Garden introduction (“#33 from Georgetown. PA-TRICK EW-ING”)? And Big Pat didn’t even acknowledge it. That man was locked in before the game. He’s a cold dude.

Now get this man some underwear, so he can have enough boxers for Indy!

The Jeff Goodman Award for Reporting that Georgetown is Interested in Hiring Chris Mack Award:

Remember when that story came out? Even though Georgetown was unlikely to hire Mack. And even though Mack was never going to leave Xavier for Georgetown.

Well, four years later, we think we’re ok. Chris Mack and Louisville just barely missed the Tourney. Patrick Ewing and Georgetown helped burst their bubble.

We’re good, y’all. Rick Pitino will send Louisville some condolence flowers.

The Michael Graham Award for Being a Truly Dominant Force for Exactly One Year on the Hilltop Award:

Chudier Bile, son.

In an up and down season, our favorite transfer from Northwestern State saved his best for last: an absolute dominant performance against Creighton in which he threw down a team-high 19 points, grabbed eight rebounds, connected on three shots from deep, and just laid the absolute smack down on the defensive end.

Bile’s swagger resembled Michael Graham’s swagger as the 1984 Hoyas raced through the BET and carried that mojo all the way to that title-winning performance against Houston. (Big ups to Gus Johnson who pointed out that if Graham had stayed in 1985, Georgetown wouldn’t have lost to anyone.)

When Bile plays within himself and stays out of foul trouble, he has been an ABSOLUTE MONSTER all over the court. No one knows how to pronounce either of his names, but he doesn’t care. He just keeps blocking and dunking.

His one-handed throwdown off an inbounds pass late in the game against Creighton put an exclamation point on a dazzling post-covid break run that he has helped spark ever since Coach Pat added him to his starting gumbo. PLEASE RETURN FOR ANOTHER SEASON, CHUDI.

In the meantime, come on and ride the CHU-CHU TRAIN, everyone.

(Or should we see if Chu-Chu Chudio sticks? It might get Patrick Bateman’s juices flowing.)

The Jeff Green’s Mom Award for Greatest Interaction with the Georgetown Community Award:

Shawn Harmon.

We know it’s a little early to be talking about Aminu Mohammed. And certainly a little ridiculous to be talking about Aminu Mohammed’s guardian, Shawn Harmon.

But we like this guy. His tweets during Georgetown’s RUN TO GLORY have been exceptional. He’s already shouting “Hoya Saxa” to the masses and young Aminu isn’t even on the Hilltop yet.

Keep spreading the love, Shawn.

The “My Life Got Flipped Turned Upside Down” Award:

All of us.

We’re sorry if it feels like none of this is real. We’re sorry if it feels like this is all one big dream in the Twilight Zone.

As proof that THINGS ARE DECIDEDLY WEIRD RIGHT NOW, please take a look at these quotes that some of us may or may not have said over the course of the last year. And realize how, just a year ago, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE MADE ANY SENSE.

“Sorry, honey, please just give me a few more minutes. I need to finish my coffee and listen to the last segment of Kente Korner.”

“Hey- while you’re standing, would you mind pouring me another cup of Dikembe Mutombo’s banana pudding coffee?”

“I really need to purchase some of those Jagan Mosely-branded sweatpants. Then I will feel more comfortable in the home office in my dining room.”

“I’m really curious to know what Shawn Harmon thinks about the chances of five star recruits committing to Georgetown.”

“I think Dante Harris has a chance to win the Big East Most Outstanding Player award.”

“Yo, you gotta listen to that episode of Dawg Talk from the other day. Chris and Austin were hilarious.”

“Can you please toss me my blue and gray mask? I need to go to the supermarket.”

“I’m really gonna need to update the Hoya Madness bracket after this week.”

“Can you pick up the kids today? I’d like to watch a few minutes of Junk Yard Dog on the Hoyas Big East Tourney pregame Zoom chat?”

“I looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air”

The Nat Burton Day Award for Shocking the World and Winning NCAA Tourney Games as a Double Digit Seed:

Your 2K21 Georgetown Hoyas.

Don’t look now, but March 15th, 2021 happens to be the 20-year anniversary of the day Nat Burton hit a game-winning layup at the buzzer to propel the #10 seeded Hoyas to glory against the #7 seeded Arkansas Razorbacks. It was the brightest moment of the Esherick era, and one of the most memorable nights in the history of the world.

As a #12 seed in this year’s NCAA Tourney, your Hoyas will have a chance to replicate that success. Keep in mind that that 2000-2001 team marched all the way to the Sweet Sixteen….

Because, and it needs to be said….maybe the best way for Georgetown to avoid being beaten by a double digit seed is to, y’know, BE A DOUBLE DIGIT SEED. Did Georgetown just become Davidson?

(Side note: how many of you knew that your Hoyas have had the #7 toughest schedule in the country this season? It’s a true fact.)

The Jim Nantz Award for Best In-Game Commentary:

NCAA Basketball: Memphis at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Now that hope and glory are restored, we’re bringing back this fan favorite award to salute some of our fave lines….

In the words of the great Mariano Duncan...

“We play today. We win today. Das it!”

Posted by NYHoya on Mar 13, 2021 | 1:41 PM

And to think the blog was going to be shut down if Mutombo didn’t commit...

Posted by Thompson’s Towel on Mar 13, 2021 | 10:10 PM

this one’s for Big John

Posted by talkin bout practice on Mar 13, 2021 | 8:30 PM

And I placed my first ever sports bet last week: that gtown would win the BET!

My $50 is now $3000!

Posted by HooahSaxa on Mar 13, 2021 | 9:16 PM

When do they hold the selection show?

Haven’t watched in few years

Posted by BurgerMadness92 on Mar 13, 2021 | 9:17 PM

I can’t stop crying

Posted by FireDeGioia on Mar 13, 2021 | 8:53 PM

Up by four touchdowns, but I’m still scared

Posted by drob12 on Mar 13, 2021 | 8:02 PM

I’m still waiting for Da’Sean Butler to come off Creighton’s bench wearing a mustache and glasses

Posted by Hoya Annoya on Mar 13, 2021 | 8:25 PM

I’ve only been following basketball since the early 90s, but...

Georgetown has to be among the best teams to ever start their season 3-8, cancel two weeks due to a worldwide pandemic, finish their season below .500, and win their conference tournament in history, right? I mean, at least top five.

Posted by Otto’s AAU Squad on Mar 13, 2021 | 11:23 PM

There will be Awards


Posted by NYHoya on Mar 13, 2021 | 9:10 PM

That old feeling of not being able to consume enough Hoyas content the next day

Been a while

Posted by talkin bout practice on Mar 14, 2021 | 10:05 AM

ewing theory now the mcclung theory

Posted by talkin bout practice on Mar 13, 2021 | 8:42 PM

Despite my anxiety


Posted by TripleHoya72-77-80 on Mar 13, 2021 | 7:52 PM

This is the greatest day of my life

My wife and I returned from the hospital today with our first child, a beautiful baby boy, into our new house, surrounded by family, to watch my alma mater cap off an insane run to win the BET and make the tournament

As an added bonus, Texas, who is the alma mater of my wife and everyone else in my family, picks up a championship as well.

P.S. My son was born right as the first round game vs. Marquette tipped, and so far Georgetown has won a game on every day of his life. I’m not saying he’s the literal savior of this program, but I’m also not not saying it.


Posted by dogfromduckhunt on Mar 13, 2021 | 11:35 PM

The Charlie Bucket Award for Having a Golden Ticket to the Big Dance Award:

Your 2K21 Georgetown Hoyas.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Creighton vs Georgetown Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We were left for dead. There were no more golden tickets to the Dance. But then, just like that scene in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, when we learned that the fifth and final ticket discovered by a “gambler in Paraguay” was a forgery, hope magically returned.

(Side note: This may blow your mind, but how many of you knew that the picture of the “gambler in Paraguay” was actually a photo of Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann: This scene in the movie was basically a dark joke that never made any sense to little kids watching. We, for one, are quite relieved that a Nazi did not receive the privilege of entering Willy Wonka’s compound. Then again, it would’ve been nice to see him drown in a sea of chocolate.)

The Big East Tournament was all the hope your Hoyas needed. Like Charlie Bucket, we found some spare change in the sewer, purchased a chocolate bar (BECAUSE THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHEN YOUR FAMILY IS STARVED FOR CASH), and found our way to the promised land.

Below is a list of people who did not have such luck. These individuals will NOT be joining the Big Dance in Indianapolis this season:

Sandro Mamukelashvili

Mike Krzyzewski

Tremont Waters

John Calipari

Andrew Rowsey

Xavier’s men’s basketball team

Eric Devendorf

Donald Trump

Scotty Reynolds

Megan Thee Stallion

Rick Pitino’s horse “Russdiculous”

Da’Sean Butler

Anthony Fauci

Tucker Carlson

Martin Bormann

The Sandlot Award for Never Dying:

Your 2K21 Georgetown Hoyas.

As fake Babe Ruth once said “Heroes get remembered. But legends never die.”

These Hoyas just put up one of the most unforgettable runs in the history of college basketball. And now maybe Fox Sports will hire us for using such TOTALLY NON-IRONIC HYPERBOLE.

The Bob Wiley Award for Taking Baby Steps:

Your Georgetown Hoyas.

Patrick Ewing has used a similar line throughout the BET. He kept telling his team about “taking steps”. First, we need to finally win a Big East Tourney game. Then we need to take the next step, etc.

The problem for this precocious bunch of Hoyas is that, like Stringer Bell, they didn’t feel like waiting. Against Marquette, they took the first step by securing Ewing’s first ever BET win as a head coach and ending a five year drought. On Thursday, they took the next step by knocking off the defending champs and beating Nova. Then they took another step by winning in the Big East semis for the first time since 2010. And then they took the biggest of steps by crushing Creighton and winning the Big East chip.

Baby steps learned. Let’s sail to Indy.

The John Thompson, Jr. Award for Showing us how to Dominate the Right Way:

John Thompson, Jr.

In this storybook of a season — one which included a ragtag group of mostly transfers and young ‘uns battling through covid breaks and frustration — your Hoyas started as underdogs, marched through New York, and left as champions.

None of this has been easy, and some of it was downright painful to watch. But for one glorious week, the little blue and gray engine that could provided that heavy dose of hope and optimism we all needed. And it’s not like the Hoyas escaped narrowly with a lucky win. They thoroughly dominated (by 25 points!) and deserved everything they got.

It is, of course, only fitting that we should have this success on the anniversary of Coach Thompson’s hiring, less than a year after he lost his life, and during one of the most trying years in our country’s history.

Coach Thompson suffered through adversity throughout his whole life, just to provide hope, optimism, and opportunity for those to come after him. He also taught his players how to dominate — the right way — both on and off the court.

Like Coach Thompson, this year’s Hoyas came as a shadow. And after four days in New York, they are leaving as f*cking champions.

The 2K10 Georgetown Hoyas Revenge Tour Award for Rolling Through Some Foes and Advancing to the Big East Tourney Championship:

Your 2K21 Georgetown Hoyas, son!

Our fan base is so tortured that we have spent ten years celebrating a revenge tour that ultimately resulted in heartbreak.

Well, no more. From now on, when legions of Hoyas fan around the world think about Big East Tourney REVENGE TOURS, they will remember the year our covid-crazy 2K21 band of brothers came together at exactly the right time to give the middle finger to a bunch of old foes and DO THE DAMN THING AT THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA.


For the last several years, one of the ways to gauge the success of the program has been to ask: are we closer to Villanova or are we closer to DePaul? After Saturday night, we all began to realize that maybe we had been asking the wrong question all along. We’re not those schools and never will be. We are Georgetown. The real question should’ve been: how close are we to playing like Georgetown? And the answer is: WE NEVER STOPPED.

We’re back, friends. We’re still shaking. Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Unless you’re hopping on Big Will’s bus from NYC to the Midwest, we’ll see you (virtually) in Indianapolis, friends.

Let’s go Hoyas. Beat Colorado.