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MOMS: Mothers of Georgetown Players are Beloved by Hoyas Fans

Let’s be thankful that the great Hoya moms outnumber the lurking uncles.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 13 Dartmouth at Georgetown Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Georgetown Hoyas have a lot of traditions, but family is at the top of that list. And at the top of any family are the awesome moms. We all remember Jeff Green’s mom, Felicia. Fans of the Hoyas during the 90s can never forget Allen Iverson’s mother, Ann, and how she asked John Thompson to save her son’s life. The tradition continues!

Nowadays, the Hoya faithful gets an intimate look into some of these players’ moms via social media. A mother’s belief in her child is very powerful, and it’s our job as fans to support the moms who support some of our favorite players.

Here are some moms who we follow (let us know if we missed any):

Don Carey’s Mom

Tyler Beard’s Mom

Jordan Riley’s Mom

Kaiden Rice’s Mom

Jalin Billingsley’s Mom (IG)

It’s a time to give thanks for family and thanking a mother is probably the right place to start—right before cursing off the loud-mouth uncles, but that’s another post.

Please give these mom’s support, respect, and maybe a follow (if they want it) ...

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