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NIL NEWS: A Few Georgetown Hoyas Join Cameo!

Carey joins Mutombo, Harris, Beard and more on the personalized video site

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Georgetown at Colorado IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the Georgetown Hoyas basketball season is only a few days away and rumors about NIL in NCAA basketball are heating up. One way for players to directly interact with fans is through the personalized video-sharing website Cameo. Sophomore point guard Dante Harris ($10) shared some preview videos.

Don Carey ($15), recently named team captain by Patrick Ewing, also announced that he joined Cameo.

Of course, some fans have been enjoying Ryan Mutombo ($10) on Cameo.

A search for “Georgetown” reveals some other forever Hoyas on the site at various values, including freshman guard, Tyler Beard. While the well-valued Jeff Green ($40) and Coach Pat ($300) appear to be temporarily unavailable, Patrick Ewing, Jr ($999) seems to have to the “seconds-long clip” concept confused with a corporate speaking gig!


Having gone through the process last year for a surprise anniversary message for my wife (from a favorite boy band member), the process was simple and straightforward. I remember signing up for an account and entering a request, but having to use some short-hand and abbreviations to fit all my notes in the request text box. The end product for me was phenomenal, and these videos from Georgetown athletes will only get better if fans give them some more experience.

So support these Hoyas! Get a birthday shout-out or a funny message. Need some encouragement? Ask these gentlemen for some inspiration. Ask them about their daily routine. Ask them about ... lunch! But don’t blow this chance to interact with some of these fan favorites!

Of course, let’s hope they’re saving to pay the tax man!