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PICKETT’S PROGRESS: Patrick Ewing ‘Did a Heck of a Job’ Coaching Jamorko

Yurtseven and Pickett say they are NBA-ready because of Coach Ewing

Georgetown v St John’s Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Pistons’ people are praising the performance and practice of Jamorko Pickett. Folks are taking note, including head coach of the Pistons, Dwane Casey, who has noted Pickett’s aptitude and attitude several times.

In at least one recent interview, Coach Casey specifically noted that Patrick Ewing did a great job of coaching and teaching Pickett.

One young man that has looked good in camp and hadn’t played well in the first two exhibition games is Jamorko Pickett, a young man from Georgetown. Patrick (Ewing) did a heck of a job coaching and teaching him. He is ready for the NBA. You tell him one thing once and he gets it right. His future is going to be bright. He’ll probably spend time back and forth with the G League but Pat did a good job with him at Georgetown.

Pickett, of course, shared credit with Ewing for the ease of transition to the NBA.

This sentiment is something that other recently turned pro players have said about their time with Ewing. Chudier Bile echoed the praise for Ewing over the summer.

Omer Yurtseven, now on the Miami Heat’s roster, is someone else who benefitted from Patrick Ewing’s tutelage.

“I thought he was a better player than he played for us,” said Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing, who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame for his playing days as an NBA center. “But we loved having him here. He can score, he can rebound and was an elite rebounder. Just was a joy to coach. ... His ability to score. He can score on the block, he can score at the three-point line like you’re seeing now. He’s very skilled and I think the more opportunities he gets, the more you’ll be able to see.” Yurtseven shot just 3 of 14 from three-point range at Georgetown. Ewing said Yurtseven had an outside shot in college, but “just didn’t shoot a lot for us.”

Yurtseven also praised Ewing :

He sat out the 2018-19 season voluntarily to play for Georgetown and coach Patrick Ewing. The opportunity to work with the Hall of Famer was too good to pass up.

“That’s what I was looking for coming in [working with Ewing]. I needed someone to see the game from my perspective,” Yurtseven said. “I was looking for that feedback and I demanded to be coached. I wanted to learn from him. The thing he stayed on me the most about was the pace of the game and how quick my moves would have to be at the next level.

“The turnaround jumper was one of his major weapons,” Yurtseven continued. “He was ahead of his time, but he wanted to see me do the same thing and give 100 percent effort every time.”

Patrick Ewing, college coach to help you get NBA-ready.