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Kente Korner Episode 129: Talking NIL with Amanda Christovich of FOS

Bobby Bancroft is first joined by GU alum Amanda Christovich from Front Office Sports

Georgetown University Hoyas Men’s Basketball

One month away from the start of the season for the Georgetown Hoyas and Kente Korner is picking up steam! Bobby is joined by Georgetown alumna Amanda Christovich who covers college basketball with Front Office Sports.

Amanda has written several very interesting articles on NIL recently, including posts on what sets Duke’s social media team apart, NIL in gambling and booze, Group Rights, and congressional ineptitude in passing any kind of national law on NIL. Find them all here.

It’s the wild, wild west out there with NIL. Of course, we always like to talk about NIL and, oh, where’s the roster?

Time to catch up on Casual Hoya and Kente Korner! HOYA SAXA!