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MINUTES: A Look at the 2021-22 Georgetown Hoyas Roster and Potential Playing Time

With a lot of talent on the roster, how can Ewing get all these guys on the floor?

Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Well, it’s October and we’re still waiting for an official roster update from the 2021 BIG EAST Tournament Champion Georgetown Hoyas, but Patrick Ewing does appear to have plenty of talent on this year’s iteration of the Hoyas’ roster. The question is, how will he handle the rotations?

Expected 2021-22 Roster

  1. Donald Carey GRAD G 6-5 (1 yr, plus bonus year left) *believed to be returning
  2. Kaiden Rice GRAD G/F 6-7 (bonus year left) *new transfer from The Citadel
  3. Tre King SR F/C 6-9 (1 yr, plus bonus year left) *new transfer from EKU
  4. Timothy Ighoefe JR C 7-0 (2 yrs, plus bonus year left)
  5. Malcolm Wilson RS-JR C 7-0 (3 yrs, plus bonus year left)
  6. Dante Harris SO G 6-0 (3 yrs, plus bonus year left)
  7. Collin Holloway SO F 6-6 (3 yrs, plus bonus year left)
  8. Kobe Clark SO F 6-4 (3 yrs, plus bonus year left)
  9. Aminu Mohammed FR G/F 6-5
  10. Ryan Mutombo FR C 6-11
  11. Jordan Riley FR G 6-4
  12. Jalin Billingsley FR F 6-8
  13. Tyler Beard FR G 6-1
  14. Chuma Azinge JR G 6-3 (WO)
  15. Victor Muresan SO F 6-10 (WO)

Here is a minutes-spread estimate by this humble lunch blog contributor:

There are only a couple position locks—mostly the centers and Dante Harris at point guard, although he may play off-ball at times. Freshman stud Aminu Mohammed may play all game, but he likely will be worked into big minutes. Jordan Riley may start the season coming off of the bench, but he appears to be someone who it may be difficult of Ewing to keep there.

Transfers Kaiden Rice and Tre King are expected to command decent minutes based on experience. King’s position breakdown is a bit of a mystery—how much center will he play? With Ryan Mutombo coming in, and Timothy Ighoefe, and Malcolm Wilson entering their third years on the Hilltop, one might argue that there is enough depth at center to play some physical defense down low.

Sophomores Kobe Clark and Collin Holloway may be poised to make a grab for more minutes at the crowded wing positions, but maybe Ewing finds them some minutes at the four because of their hustle.

Freshman Tyler Beard is considered to be the back-up point guard. Maybe Carey takes some minutes at the one when Harris is not leading, but it won’t hurt in conference play if the staff gets Beard some experience early on. On the other hand, Jalin Billingsley (6’8”) has been getting some very nice whispers about his play in practice, but he’s still a freshman and not expected to get decent minutes right out the gate.

Last season, senior scorer Jahvon Blair came off the bench for the final dozen games—does Ewing ask an experienced player to be the sixth man again? Will Donald Carey shore up a second unit with ball-handling and shooting? Will nationally-ranked sniper Kaiden Rice be used as a microwave to quickly heat up the Hoyas?

Chances are, the guys who play the best defense and take care of the ball most will get the bumps in minutes. We’ll see.

Below are some potential lineups based on who many Hoyas fans have been positing as starters. For example, “Blue” might start in Game 1 in November—feel free to disagree—and adjustments made during the season.


  1. Dante Harris SO G 6-0
  2. Donald Carey GRAD G 6-5
  3. Aminu Mohammed FR G/F 6-5
  4. Kaiden Rice GRAD G/F 6-7
  5. Tre King SR F/C 6-9


  1. Tyler Beard G 6-1
  2. Jordan Riley G 6-4
  3. Kobe Clark SO F 6-4
  4. Jalin Billingsley FR F 6-8
  5. Ryan Mutombo C 6-11

What are your thoughts on the lineups and minutes for the 2021-22 Hoyas?