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TIME/TV CHANGE: Georgetown at Syracuse now Saturday Night at 7pm on ESPN

Hoyas head to Syracuse trying to snap 4-game slide

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

While fans that support both Georgetown and Washington Football will still need two TVs on Saturday night - as coach Patrick Ewing suggested - they won’t need them for quite as long thanks to last minute time change.

So originally Georgetown and Syracuse were set to renew their rivalry on ESPN2 at 8 pm while Clemson - UNC were on the main network at pretty much the same time as Washington was set to kick-off their Wild Card game against Tom Brady and the Bucs.

This could have been a problem for some local DC sports fans but Ewing gave the great solution.

Well Clemson is having issues and won’t be playing at least their next two scheduled games so that moves the Hoyas and Orange up and hour and over a channel. This game honestly deserves to be on ESPN despite the lack of rankings and 3-7 mark by the Hoyas.

The previous 12 meetings between Georgetown and Syracuse have been on either CBS, FOX, or ESPN. The last time this marquee matchup was relegated to ESPN2 was Feb. 18, 2010.

So if you wanted to watch as much as possible of both games, this works out well for you.

The Hoyas could be wrapping up a win in a mostly empty Carrier Dome just as the second quarter is beginning in Landover, MD. for Washington’s first playoff games since the 2015 season.

But, seriously though, listen to coach Ewing and buy that second TV for your basement anyway. Trust me on this one.