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NCAA Discussing Hoops Start, D-1 Council Schedules Vote

When will the season actually begin?

NCAA Basketball Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the myriad multi-million dollar questions floating around the college landscape these days, as fall classes are starting to resume, is when it will be safe for athletics competition to resume. The NCAA seems to be making good on their pledge, where Dan Gavitt pledged to give us an update by mid-September regarding when basketball season will plan to tip off.

Matt Norlander over at CBS Sports has thoughtfully compiled a comprehensive timeline and list decision factors that you should go check out for the full rundown. As of now, the NCAA has provided conference commissioners with a document outlining the “review and approval” process for starting the season. The D-1 Council is set to vote on September 16th. with a followup meeting tenatively scheduled for mid-October.

Here are some of the proposed timelines:

Option 1 — First practices allowed: Sept. 29, First day of season: Nov. 10 (No change)

Option 2 — First practices allowed: Oct. 9. First day of season: Nov. 20

Option 3 — First practices allowed: Oct. 14, First day of season: Nov. 25

Option 4 — First practices allowed: Oct. 24, First day of season: Dec. 4

Those dates are not fated to be the only dates discussed, but they are the initial trial balloons the NCAA is seeking feedback on.

Your Georgetown Hoyas will resume play eventually, but for now...we wait.

Hoya Saxa.