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Did you catch Dawg Talk with Jagan Mosely?

Chris Wright & Austin Freeman keep bringing us perspective and big-name guests

Ben Standig

For those keeping score, the temperature here in the DMV has exceeded 90 degrees for 27 out of 29 days so far in July and the humidity is simply unrelenting. Combine those factors with the ongoing pandemic, and any sports-focused entertainment that one can engage with from the safety & comfort of an air-conditioned location with a cold drink in hand is extremely desirable.

One of the more exciting developments that meets these criteria is the weekly Instagram Live show — Dawg Talk — that Chris Wright & Austin Freeman have been hosting. You might remember that they joined Bobby Bancroft and Ben Standig on Kente Korner last month to talk about their new endeavor, but we have all lived through approximately 1.7 million news cycles in the hellscape that is 2020 since you also might have forgotten.

Anyway, in the most recent installment, recent Georgetown grad Jagan Mosely joined them. I offer no spoilers — you will have to listen:

Since the backcourt duo launched with their first episode back in mid-June, they have been joined by Jeff Green, Patrick Ewing Jr., Kevin Durant, Greg Monroe, Jason Clark, Henry Sims, Quinn Cook, URI Coach David Cox, Kevin Braswell, Mike Sweetney, and others from within & outside the Georgetown Hoyas hoops universe.

You can follow them on IG, Twitter, and check out all of the podcast episodes available here:

Beyond attracting headliner guests, Chris & Austin offer the audience insights that those of us who experience the sport purely from the sidelines would not think to explore. These two really know basketball and the greater hoops community.

It struck me that their prompts to guide the discourse and keep the informal conversation moving is an important element of how well the presentation comes across. It is a subtle yet important bit of preparation. I’m impressed but not surprised that even with the casual nature of the show, they show the professionalism and work ethic that have made them such a valuable part of the Hoya family for more than a decade.

Georgetown Forever.