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Patrick Ewing has joined Cameo

Greetings from the Hoyas Head Coach!

Greetings from Casual Hoya

2020 is weird and getting weirder, people. Head Coach Patrick Ewing, who has been a genial and visible ambassador for the school in the physical sense since taking over the job, has never been a frequent social media guy. (Personally, I think this is better than the alternative.) He logs on occasionally to speak on social issues or recognize the accomplishments of players or alumni, but has yet to engage in any stream-of-consciousness threads or gratuitous lunch documentation.

So imagine my surprise when I checked twitter and encountered this new development:

Patrick Ewing has joined Cameo! For the price of $300, you can request a personal video message from the legend himself. How does this new development make you feel? Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity? What message would YOU ask our Head Coach for?

My guess is that few people saw this coming. From a program as buttoned-up and opaque as this one, creating such a direct line to the Head Coach is either a shocking reversal of institutional strategy or a bold unilateral move on his part.

One of the precious few things that the Georgetown Hoyas fan base can agree upon is the fact that our basketball program would benefit from an expanded, modernized use of the social media platforms that recruits, students, alumni, and lunch bloggers have embraced wholeheartedly in the 21st century. Lack of a well-coordinated, timely online presence and branding strategy is a consistent & obvious problem. The school and the Athletic Department should invest in individuals who can craft & skillfully execute of-the-moment content in order to remain relevant. They should understand how valuable that is. Also, it’s fun!

Could this signal the start of a new approach? How delusional are we feeling this sweltering Monday afternoon?

All other speculation aside, I find it kind of cool that Coach Ewing is doing this. A well-known public figure granting access to themselves doesn’t come without stress, and nobody needs more of that right now. My plea, put out to echo hollowly off the walls of the internet - don’t ask for anything strange or offensive and ruin this for everybody.

Hoya Saxa. Keep cool. Stay safe.