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The Casual Hoya Community Echoes Support

Being a fan of Georgetown Basketball has always meant being socially conscious, fighting bias.

Kansas v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Casual Hoya blog contributors and community want to reiterate our support of our African-American members, friends, and communities during this time and always. With the nation, we grieve George Floyd and all victims of injustice.

Hoyas fans are no strangers to discussing issues of racial bias and social justice. One might think it unnecessary for a blog covering the Georgetown Hoyas to express solidarity given the deep history of consciousness with John Thompson, Jr., Patrick Ewing, John Thompson III, the basketball program, and the university, but we see it as a duty to acknowledge what is going on today and listen. We also want to make sure that our voices join the chorus of all those speaking out against racism, hatred, and bigotry.

Earlier in the week, our lunch blog revisited the team’s response to Eric Garner’s death by wearing the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts prior to the Kansas game in 2014. Those T-shirts were worn as a sign of respect by the players, were part of a bigger movement to save black lives, and were a reminder of Georgetown‘s place in the conversation since the days where Thompson and Ewing were taunted with racist signs and actions.

A lot has happened in America and the discussions of race, police brutality, and protest, it’s worth reviewing some statements from the Georgetown family.

We offer our condolences to the victims’ families and offer our support of the protests. We hope everyone is safe.



UPDATE 6/11: