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MAC WATCH: McClung to End Suspense on Wednesday

McClung goes from a final 7 to a final destination, some time soon...

Big East Basketball Media Day Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Did you know that Mac McClung is transferring from Georgetown? Yep. You might have heard in between news of Patrick Ewing’s COVID-19 diagnosis and seeing McClung “stans” aggressively reposting his TikTok videos on Instagram.

The Hoya-fans’ corners of the Twitter-verse (and comment sections) have significantly slowed discussing Mac or his rationale for leaving the Georgetown Hoyas, so it makes logical sense that his camp might give the drama-cocktail a quick stir. The suspense will be over on Wednesday, and fans can then begin to speculate how his new home might offer the required opportunities to show-off and develop his point guard skills for an NBA career.

McClung’s “Top 7” choices were Arkansas, Auburn, BYU, Memphis, Texas Tech, USC and Wake Forest. Never one to shy away from a huge moment, perhaps McClung pushes the announcement back a day or two, throws in a wildcard 8th school as his pick, or announces his decision with a video of a spectacular reverse dunk exploding some powder with the team colors of his choice.

Again, this blog really wants to move on and focus on the incoming seven players and new recruits but there’s just no fighting the curiosity.

Mac’s “Top 7” announcement (and pre-announcement), brought plenty of fanfare (minus Jeff Goodman), and fan support of each of the seven programs were eager to rationalize the playing time and field-goal attempts required to take on the “best available transfer on the market.”

Also noteworthy for the BIG EAST was that L.J. Figueroa followed the declare-return-transfer-portal game plan—with whispers of tampering.

Perhaps the perceived transfer problem runs as deep as the conference, or even the whole NCAA. If the NBA or agents are telling kids that certain programs are preferable—or college coaches are perhaps reaching out even before entering the transfer portal—there may be cause for more than just appeals to Val Ackerman and Lee Reed’s offices.

Still, looking at how this announcement might directly affect Georgetown recruiting, McClung could potentially take a (guard) scholarship at a competing program vying for a Hoyas target.

Regardless of McClung’s college transfer discussion, we’re all clearly waiting with bated breath to see where Mac ends up, so that we can properly wish him and his new program the absolute best of luck.