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MAC WATCH: Suspense Builds as McClung Prepares to Announce Transfer Destination

Team McClung should eliminate 1 of the 7 final choices each week, based on fan votes.

Seton Hall v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, Mac McClung is transferring from Georgetown. While no one is sure of the rationale for leaving, the polite version of the rumors are based in belief that coach Patrick Ewing must have failed to put McClung in enough situations to show-off and develop his alleged point guard skills, like pick-and-rolls.

Where he takes his future dishes and dimes has the whole nation sitting on the edge of our seats. With the suspense around the announcement mounting, McClung released, presumably collaborating with The Overtime, his “Top 7” choices in a graphic video today: Arkansas, Auburn, BYU, Memphis, Texas Tech, USC and Wake Forest.

Regardless of why he left, McClung is on the move and—as much as this blog really wants to move on and focus on the incoming seven players and new recruits—fellow GU fans cannot help but somewhat-derisively watch to see where the Gate City Road Show will be touring in future seasons.

By having an announcement (and pre-announcement), it appears McClung and his circle may be relishing this moment of being a national recruit. Control of release of information may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back with Ewing, so watching how things are announced may be telling. For instance, at least one analyst did not seem eager to share news of McClung’s pre-announcement that there will be an announcement.

It stands to reason that McClung would pursue an opportunity that would help him “spotlight” the “decision-making and shot-selection” he has been allegedly working on since March to further his point-guard-goals. However, some of these schools are pretty deep at the guard position.

While the dark side of many Hoya-fans has been peaking out during his transformation from hero to heel, rumors of McClung’s destination are exciting many other fanbases.

The excitement is not unwarranted. McClung does have the ability to be a very high-level college player offensively and could improve most of these teams on Day 1. His politeness and work ethic are advantages in his quest to improve and could be an asset to any program. His athleticism and on-court desire are elite and can always help to fill seats.

If there is a downside to taking McClung on a team, it might be the extra attention he commands as a 6-foot dunker and highly athletic scorer, who happens to be Caucasian. McClung gives his all on the court, but has shown a propensity in his 50 college games to finish plays on the floor. His NBA ambitions are at the forefront of his mind and pushing his workouts, but his professional goals may not always be on the same page as his new team. Moreover, as a coaching relationship appeared to deteriorate in a matter of days, one wonders if there is a new advisor, such as an agent or friend, in his ear potentially steering him towards decisions aimed to help his brand over furthering his development.

McClung has previously indicated to analysts that he intends to petition the NCAA for a waiver for the transfer year-in-residency. Given the public comments about playing as a point guard, the waiver claim might be based on his injury rather than, e.g., a need to be closer to family. Re-watching some December highlights, perhaps even the initial eye injury was what set the transfer in motion.

Wherever he ends up—and we’re all clearly waiting with bated breath—we wish him good luck.