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Patrick Ewing Media Monday

Coach Ewing appeared on ESPN and NBCSN today in wake of Jordan documentary, and talked to WaPo about the team!

1993 Eastern Conference Finals - Game Six: New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Coach Patrick Ewing is going to be interviewed on TV twice today.

Likely in the wake of new episodes of the popular Michael Jordan documentary, ‘The Last Dance,’ the coach of the Georgetown Hoyas has been in a bit more demand by the media than prior times in May.

Ewing appears to be a guest with Mike Tirico on NBC Sports, as well as with Rachel Nichols on ESPN’s ‘The Jump.’ Set your DVRs!

Fans are likely to hear about the Knicks and Bulls’ rivalry during the 90s, as well as Jordan’s competitiveness. As much as the Ewing-Jordan rivalry can be labeled as hatred, the two Dream Teamers are close friends, with Jordan encouraging Ewing’s coaching pursuits and even appearing at Ewing’s first game as head coach.

Any time that recruits can be reminded of Ewing’s elite level of play has to be good. Ewing and Georgetown need to do more of this.

The last time Ewing appeared in the national media, a story surfaced of him losing his Olympic medals and NCAA championship ring in a home theft. The “news” ran on the ESPN ticker for 72 hours.

Perhaps we’ll get some clarity on his communication with current NBA Draft Declaree, Mac McClung! Or perhaps, he’ll let McClung and his agent control the flow of information.

Check back for more information.


Ewing back-tracked a bit on McClung in his interview with Mike Tirico


Ewing’s interview with long-time Hoyas fan Rachel Nichols focused on MJ, the Dream Team, and Jeff Van Gundy grabbing Mourning’s leg during the infamous playoff fight between the Heat and the Knicks.

Clips of the interview have been shared on Twitter and the full episode may be seen here via the ESPN app.

UPDATE 7PM - Great interview in the Washington Post.

Q&A: Patrick Ewing on Georgetown recruiting, Mac McClung and ‘The Last Dance’ | WASHINGTONPOST

Q: What is Mac McClung’s status? A: He’s still trying to get feedback from the NBA to decide if he’s going to try to go the NBA route. That’s about it. That’s all I know right now.

Q: Did some wires get crossed between you two somewhere along the way? A: Yeah, I guess. Maybe I spoke too soon.

Q: What kind of growth do you need to see from Jamorko Pickett and Jahvon Blair?

A: We expect great things out of them. I’ve always expected great things out of them. They played well as freshmen. Sophomore year, they didn’t play as well. Last year with the way everything went, they were all playing 40 minutes a game. They’re not going to play 40 minutes a game next year. But we need for them to be impact players for us if we’re going to be successful or if we’re going to be good...