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The Casual Awards: Jagan Mosely Edition

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 07 Villanova at Georgetown Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

College basketball, like life itself, often works in mysterious and sometimes downright cruel ways. For the last four years, Jagan Mosely has played his ass off, through occasionally good times and mostly bad, and has served as a constant in Georgetown’s lineup during perhaps the most tumultuous period in modern Georgetown history.

On March 7th, in front of a surprisingly raucous crowd at Kente One Arena, Jagan left nothing in the tank as he led his Hoyas to an unfortunate, but incredibly valiant, one point defeat to the hated ‘Cats of Villanova.

Now, we don’t usually do Awards after your Hoyas lose. In fact, in the grand history of these Awards, we have never felt the urge to throw one of these terrible missives together after a defeat. But this time we’re making an exception. The college basketball gods (and yes, those refs) may not have smiled down on Jagan on Senior Day, but the authors of these glorious Awards aren’t hampered by bubbles or injuries or transfers or whistles or rush hour traffic.

Jagan and the rest of the seniors deserve these awards, and we’re letting you read them.

The Chris Wright/Jagan Mosely Heart of a Champion Award:

Georgetown v Butler Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jagan F*cking Mosely.

We’re sorry. Did you think this was going to Colin Gillespie? FOH.

We like watching college basketball because we love seeing how players develop and improve over four years; how guys grow up from year 1 to 4; how players easily find ways to stay hungry and motivated; and how young men put hopes and dreams on the line during a daily grind of practice, training, and games.

In his four years on the Hilltop, Jagan has been the embodiment of all it means to be a Hoya. He’s tough as nails; smart as hell (he was the valedictorian of his high school class); never backs down from a fight; and learns and improves on a daily basis.

During these four years, Jagan experienced three massive transitions: from high school to college; from JTIII to Patrick Ewing; and from a 2019-20 team that had high expectations to one that was struggling to just put five healthy dudes on the floor. Throughout all of these changes, Jagan could not have been a better steward of the ol’ blue and gray.

As such, he’ll be the namesake of this award along with Chris Wright going forward. This is the ultimate award for the ultimate Hoya.

When they see him off in traffic they say “Jagan on some other shit”

The Jagan Mosely Award for Absolutely Posterizing Dudes:

Georgetown v Seton Hall Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Jagan Mosely.

Bro. Remember Jagan’s dunk at Seton Hall, when he jumped over Mamu and slammed the ball in his face? He had about four of those dunks during his career.

He doesn’t even apologize.

He takes the ball, jumps, dunks, flexes, and gets back on defense. GROWN. ASS. MAN. SHIT.

The Jagan Mosely Award for Taking Charges Like a Boss:

NCAA BASKETBALL: JAN 16 Providence at Georgetown Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jagan Mosely. Obvi.

I mean, was there any question? Georgetown can’t even take credit for this one. Jagan learned how to draw offensive fouls in high school and brought this skill with him when he came to the Hilltop. He’s good for one of these every single game; and against ‘Nova he had at least two. (And we’re pretty sure he has drawn about five offensive fouls against Naji Marshall in the last two games.)

Jagan throws his body around like a rag doll, all for the benefit of the team. He doesn’t flop like Greg Paulus or some of those other clowns; he absorbs contact and earns that call. GROWN. ASS. MAN. SHIT.

The Rodney Pryor Award for Adopting Georgetown as His Home after One Season:

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Allen.

Most people probably thought Terrell Allen had reached the pinnacle of his college career when he was throwing lobs to Tacko Fall during last year’s game against Duke in the NCAA Tourney (while he played for Central Florida). But this year, the D.C. native demonstrated to everyone that the best was yet to come.

Despite receiving very little playing time in the first third of the season, after the GREAT DEFECTION of 2019 Allen inherited a starting role and had no choice but to modify his game and put this team on his back. And that’s exactly what he did.

Allen was a pass-first slasher who suddenly emerged as a guy who needed to score. Against Butler, he had perhaps his best game of the season, including a dagger three from the corner to ice the game.

Against ‘Nova, he did a little bit of everything — scoring 17 points, handing out four assists, and hitting a few massive shots in the second half, as the Hoyas nearly pulled off the upset.

A steadying presence at the point when it was sorely needed, Terrell’s play is a big part of why the Hoyas were in just about every game they played despite being outmanned. Even though his tenure on the Hilltop was brief, he’ll have big shoes to fill.

The Lou Gehrig Award for Being an Ironman:

Lou Gehrig Watching Game

Jagan Mosely.

During his senior season, no one in the Big East averaged more minutes per game. Jagan basically played 40 minutes every game during February and March. The guy is a machine. (In this respect, he’s even better than Ivan Drago. Because Ivan Drago was not a machine. He was a man.) Four guys transferred, two guys got hurt, but the one and only constant throughout the season was Jagan Mosely and his tough as nails defense and tenacity.

If imitation is the best form of flattery, check out our last game. Three dudes — Pickett, Blair, and Allen — took a page out of Jagan’s book and basically played ALL 40 MINUTES.

Jagan was tired, he was hurt, and he suffered hand, ankle and leg injuries, but he never quit. And he never left the court. He was there for virtually every minute of every game, all while defending the top scorer of every team. Jagan Mosely is Iron Man.

The Other Jeffrey Lebowski Award for Being a Strong Man Who Cries:

Jagan Mosely.

(NYHoya note: During the Senior Day award ceremony, my seven year old daughter asked me why Jagan was crying. I told her that when you work really hard at something for so long, then no matter whether or not you succeed, you’re sad when it all comes to an end. After watching Jagan and other seniors express emotion before the ‘Nova game, it occurred to me that the question we should be asking isn’t why guys like Jagan are crying — the question is why so many other guys are not.)

(NYHoya note Part Deux: My daughter also asked me why a girl can’t be president in America. I did not have a good answer to that one.)

The DJ Pauly D Award for Kicking it in Central Jersey:

Jagan Mosely.

Central Jersey represent. Jagan is from Marlboro — that’s not in the north or south of the Garden State; it’s in the middle. Jagan feels at home on Routes 9, 1, and 18; and if you wanna meet him at Point Pleasant, it ain’t no thang.

(NYHoya note: I grew up 15 minutes from Marlboro. The good people of Central Jersey are all heart. See you on the Birch Hill playgrounds next summer, Jagan.)

The John Caprio Award for Being a Walk-On Who Captures our Hearts:

Marquette v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

George Muresan.

Creighton v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

At the start of this season, our roster went 11 or 12 guys deep. George Muresan was not one of these guys. By the end of this season, George Muresan was basically our sixth or seventh man (and our only forward behind Pickett). The roster fluctuation isn’t what any of us wanted or expected, but Muresan handled his business with grace and preparedness.

Good for you, Georgie. For stepping up and always playing hard, a Hoya tip of the cap to you. You undoubtedly make your Pops proud. He was dancing inside watching you.

The Jabril Trawick Award for Being Tough as Nails and Always Improving his Game Award:

Michigan State v Georgetown Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images

Jagan Mosely.

Syracuse v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

If you remember the way Jabril played, you understand why Jagan is worthy of this award. Toughness aside, both of these guys improved their respective games each and every year on the Hilltop. Jabril never had much of a perimeter shot until his junior and senior seasons. Jagan had ball security and shooting issues early in his career, but emerged as a primary ball handler in his final season and learned to knock down the occasional three whenever his team needed one.

In his final home game, Jagan scored most of his 13 points in the second half, including two massive threes, a traditional three-point play to open the half, and a pretty lay-in after stepping through two defenders and sashaying to the rim. He also pulled down a career-high eight boards and dished out three assists.

Oh, and when he twisted his ankle after having his foot stepped on, did anyone think he’d head to the bench and pack it in? No chance. Jagan raced to the locker room, taped up his ankle, and got back on the court as fast as he could. Why? Because he’s Jagan f*cking Mosely, and he does GROWN. ASS. MAN. SHIT.

Jagan did whatever the team needed him to do. And that’s why we love #4.

The Jagan Mosely Award for Never Quitting and Never Saying Die:

Jagan Mosely, and also your 2019-20 Georgetown Hoyas.

Look, this season has been a parade of horribles. But throughout all of the ups and down….and transfers and injuries and suspensions....Jagan and this band of misfit Hoyas just never seem to quit. Ever.

When two of our best players transferred, we could’ve thrown in the towel.

Instead, we went out and pummeled Oklahoma State and SMU on the road.

When two more guys transferred, we could’ve complained and packed it in.

Instead, we destroyed Syracuse.

When Mac went down at the beginning of conference play, we could’ve put up a white flag.

Instead, we stayed competitive and in contention for the NCAA Tournament by beating Creighton and rallying for a stunning win at the Garden.

When Yurtseven went down for the final month, we really should’ve just given up.

Instead, we won a massive game at Butler and hung on for dear life down the stretch.

And finally, when we were down 17 on Senior Day to one of the best teams in the country, with only slim postseason hopes on the line, we probably should’ve lost by 30.

Instead, we dominated the second half; and but for a couple of questionable whistles and one or two plays, we should have won this game.

This season has been long and painful and frustrating as hell. And while there is much blame to go around, the one thing none of us can question is the heart of this squad.

So while everyone feels sad for Jagan that he’ll never get a chance to go to the Big Dance, we bet #4 is just fine. In fact, we bet he’s at the gym right now getting ready to win four games in four days. And if that somehow happens, ours will be the first fanbase to ever rush the court after a team wins the Big East Tourney.

Jagan— thank you, sincerely.

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

Jagan Mosely forever.

Creighton v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Let’s go Hoyas. Win the Damn Big East Tournament.

See you at MSG.