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Georgetown Coaches Through 100 Games

Through 100 games Patrick Ewing is 51-49

Rafael Suanes/Georgetown Athletics

Possibly and quite understandably lost in the highs and the lows of Georgetown’s failed upset attempt against No. 9 Villanova is the fact that Hoyas coach Patrick Ewing has now hit the century mark on the sidelines.

There are obviously many ways to evaluate a coach and their staff but there’s just something about big round numbers that most people gravitate towards. And it seems even more that way when the number happens to be 100.

So with that being said, let’s roll out the records of the last four Georgetown coaches and see what they did through 100 games. I’ve also added conference and postseason records as well.

Patrick Ewing, 2017-Present

51-49 overall, 19-36 Big East

Postseason: 0-3 BET, 0-1 NIT

100th Game: Loss to Villanova

John Thompson III, 2004-07

71-29 overall, 31-17 Big East

Postseason: 6-2 BET, BET Champ, 5-1 NCAA, 2-1 NIT

100th Game: Sweet 16 win over Vanderbilt

Craig Esherick, 1999-2002

67-33 overall, 28-31 Big East

3-3 BET, 2-1 NCAA, 1-2 NIT

100th Game: Loss to UConn

John Thompson Jr, 1972-1976

57-43 overall

2-0 ECAC South, 0-1 NCAA

100th Game: Loss to St. Peter’s

As you can see the 100th game hasn’t exactly been kind for Georgetown’s coaches most of the time. However, the one time it went right, it went really right with Jeff Green sending the Hoyas to the Elite Eight in 2007 on a last second move that Georgetown fans will likely never forget.

So there you have it.

That’s how the last four coaches stack up 100 games into their Georgetown careers. Thompson III is the only one of the four that had previous head coaching experience in college prior to Georgetown but for this exercise all I looked at was time with the Hoyas.

Two areas where Ewing needs to make up some ground would be moving towards a .500 mark in league play and getting that first postseason win of any kind. Given what happened with the departures last season and the unusually high number of newcomers on the current roster, making up progress in either area might be another season away.

As far as this season is concerned, Ewing won’t have to wait long for game No. 101. Georgetown will host St. John’s on Sunday at McDonough in a recently rescheduled game as both teams will look to avoid an 0-2 start to league play. Ewing has more coaching wins against St. John’s (5) than other team. Next on the list are his three wins against both Butler and DePaul.