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FATE OF THE BLOG: 2021 F Ryan Mutombo to Announce College at 8:24PM

Did Patrick Ewing and Georgetown do enough to lure Mutombo?

Villanova v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The fate of this humble lunch blog lies in the hands of 2021 recruit Ryan Mutombo. Mutombo plans to announce tonight at 8:24PM (Kobe o’clock). The question is, did Patrick Ewing and staff do enough to secure the commitment of the Hoya Legend’s son?

Since at least July, Casual Hoya had repeated that if the son of the hall-of-famer Dikembe does not choose the Georgetown Hoyas the blog will be shut down.

In August, Mutombo was apparently choosing from Georgetown, Georgia, and Stanford.

Recruitment seemed over in late August, however, since then, Tennessee and Mutombo have been mentioned together a whole lot—and UT is perhaps (gulp) the leader in the clubhouse for the commitment tonight.

Mutombo is a 6’11”+ forward/center from Atlanta who was steadily climbing the rankings during the pre-quarantine time. Ryan Mutombo took an official visit to Georgetown for the Villanova game.

His father, Dikembe, has always indicated he would come to Georgetown to be with Ewing, who he refers to as “family.” But things are never simple. The kid is a big time recruit, teased his father with desires of attending UNC, and was heavily recruited by programs like Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Arizona who made offers.

Feel free to check yourself (I’m too scared) if the odds are in our favor for Mutombo (and having a blog) with the FutureCasts and Crystal Ball predictions see which directions they are leaning.

There will naturally be more attention on Ryan if he chooses to come to Georgetown. He told Rivals in April that Georgetown “made it bigger than just a legacy thing” and “explained the vision they have for me in their program,” which was “really meaningful to” Mutombo. Mutombo has to have noticed the endless tributes to the late John Thompson, along with Georgetown’s history of social awareness and preparation for a life after basketball.

Of course, one might suggest that students and alumni should stay away from the Dikembe jokes, memes, and gifs if Ryan does choose Georgetown. He’s bound to make his own legacy if and when he sets foot on campus.

Still, with other 2021 recruiting news going on for Patrick Ewing’s staff—and everyone’s favorite panic-button-fact: only one apparent scholarship left—the recruitment of Ryan Mutombo would presumably be the final spot and the icing on a solid recruiting class cake.

Many aren’t convinced that there isn’t a flexible scholarship situation for now. If Ewing goes over by one on scholarships, there’s still plenty of time to figure things out, so jumping to conclusions on other 2021 recruits seriously doesn’t help. Ewing is still talking to 2021 recruits as of 5 days ago.

The expected incoming class of Jalin Billingsley (6’8”, Cleveland), Jordan Riley (6’4”, Long Island), and Tyler Beard (6’1”, Chicago) is quite exciting and has potential to be one of the best in the nation. Apparently Beard has recently been a man on a mission and scoring at a very high clip, and Jordan Riley has had a new highlight video or two come out.

In case you haven’t heard, Ewing did miss out on a 2021 recruit today in guard Jakai Robinson.

Nevertheless, Ryan Mutombo clearly has a place at the Hilltop in 2021—at least for the sake of the blog!! Here are some more highlights of Ryan Mutombo:

Make the right choice, Ryan—whatever you determine will be the right choice, regardless of how it may affect the fate of the Casual Hoya blog.