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President Jack DeGioia Named Chair of NCAA Board of Governors

Georgetown’s president starts his term immediately and will run through August 2022.

Georgetown Introduce Patrick Ewing Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The President of Georgetown University, John G. DeGioia, has been named the Chair for the NCAA Board of Governors.

Jack DeGioia has been president of Georgetown since July 1, 2001, according to his university biography. He is an avid fan of Georgetown Hoyas basketball and is regularly seen at many Hoyas competitions.

The NCAA is of course the largest governing body of college athletics and the Board of Governors is the “highest governance body in the NCAA and is composed of institutional chief executive officers that oversee Association-wide issues” that is “charged with ensuring that each division operates consistently with the basic purposes, fundamental policies and general principles of the Association.”

Between transfer regulations and payment issues for use of names, images, and likeness, the NCAA has its hands full—not to mention COVID-19.

This is clearly a major announcement, and one that surely helps an east-coast basketball-focused athletic conference and a small, private Catholic school in DC, but time will tell about the impact. President DeGioia has been on several boards and committees with the NCAA throughout his collegiate leadership tenure.

NCAA Press Release

Board of Governors appoints DeGioia as chair,

October 29, 2020

The NCAA Board of Governors has selected John J. DeGioia, president of Georgetown, as its chair. DeGioia will serve as chair of the Association’s top governing body through August 2022.

“I am honored to serve in this role during such an important time for intercollegiate athletics,” DeGioia said. “It is more important than ever that we ensure college athletics continues to navigate the current landscape consistent with our principles, values and purpose.”

Spalding President Tori Murden McClure served as the interim board chair through this month’s meeting and will be the board vice chair until January.

“As a board and representatives of the whole Association, we are committed to continually improving the higher education experience for college athletes,” McClure said. “Student-athletes are the center of all board decisions and discussions. Jack is an excellent leader as the group looks at how best to create opportunity for student-athletes.”

DeGioia also serves on the NCAA Division I Board of Directors and is chair of the Division I Committee on Academics.

“Jack has a long tenure of providing leadership across higher education. I’m thrilled he will be serving as our chair and we will continue to have Tori’s leadership, as well,” said Randy Woodson, chancellor of NC State and a board member. “As an association, we continue to look for ways to best support student-athletes during this pivotal time in college sports and higher education. I look forward to John serving in this role as we continue these efforts.”

Along with five independent members, the board includes presidential leadership across all three NCAA divisions.

“While the student-athlete experience is different across all three divisions, we are equally committed to ensuring the board sets policies for the entire Association that focus on student-athletes,” said Sandra Jordan, South Carolina Aiken chancellor and a board member. “I look forward to continue working alongside Jack on these efforts, especially during this important time for college sports and higher education.”

A graduate of Georgetown, DeGioia served as a senior administrator and faculty member in the department of philosophy before becoming president July 1, 2001. He is past chair of the board of directors for the American Council on Education and is chair of the board of directors of the Forum for the Future of Higher Education. He previously served as a commissioner on the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. DeGioia earned both his bachelor’s degree in English and his Ph.D. in philosophy from Georgetown.