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BIG EAST MEDIA DAY: Ewing Talks Hoya Hoops

Coach Pat talks about the season, the team, and social awareness.

Big East Basketball Media Day Photo by Porter BInks/Getty Images

The BIG EAST is holding their annual men’s basketball media day today, virtually. As reported on Tuesday, the BIG EAST released scheduling news for December, as well as the coaches poll.

Patrick Ewing spoke to the media and discussed several topics on the season, the team, and social awareness.

From GUHoyas Press Release:

Head Coach Patrick Ewing

On the John Thompson Jr. Award ...”I think it is a great thing. He was an important part of my life, starting from when I first came to Georgetown - when he first started recruiting me - to the day he died. He has always been a person that I could pick up the phone and talk to, call or give any advice that I might need. He helped shape my coaching career. He is definitely someone that I will definitely miss and I think it is a great honor for the BIG EAST to have this award in his name and the things he fought for over the course of his life.

On plans for Election Day ...”For Election Day, we are going to be off. One of the things I have been talking to all my guys about is making sure that they vote. I have already voted, some of my coaches have already voted, some of the guys have already voted. I want to make sure that they vote. There have been a lot of people who have given their lives for us to have this opportunity and we need to make sure that we take advantage of it.”

On the freshmen and the opportunities for them to play early in the season …”There is going to be options for everybody to play. Everyone is going to have an opportunity. Is it going to be early or is going to be late? That is yet to be determined. When we spoke in one of the first questions, we got to campus late so other people are ahead of us in terms of being able to have the opportunity to start working with their teams earlier. We got there later. It is still a work in progress.”

Later Wednesday, the Georgetown Hoyas featured student athletes Jamorko Pickett and Qudus Wahab.

For reference, here’s the roster:

  • 0 Jahvon Blair 6-4 G Sr.
  • 1 Jamorko Pickett 6-9 F/G Sr.
  • 2 Dante Harris 6-0 G Fr.
  • 3 Jalen Harris 6-2 G Gr.
  • 4 Chudier Bile 6-7 F Gr.
  • 5 Timothy Ighoefe 7-0 C So.
  • 10 Chuma Azinge 6-3 G So. (non-scholarship)
  • 13 Donald Carey 6-5 G Gr.
  • 14 Jamari Sibley 6-8 F Fr.
  • 20 T.J. Berger 6-4 G Fr.
  • 22 Jaden Robinson 6-3 G Jr. (non-scholarship)
  • 23 Collin Holloway 6-6 F Fr.
  • 24 Kobe Clark 6-4 F Fr.
  • 32 Malcolm Wilson 7-0 C So.
  • 34 Qudus Wahab 6-11 C So.
  • 55 Victor Muresan 6-10 F Fr. (non-scholarship)