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REED: ‘Playing at McDonough Will Save Rent’

Does this mean Georgetown Men’s Basketball will officially be at McDonough?

Arkansas State v Georgetown

On a Thursday night Zoom call, Georgetown Hoyas’ Athletic Director Lee Reed joined BIG EAST Commissioner Val Ackerman to speak with fans and alumni. The AD and Commissioner addressed several hurdles for BIG EAST athletics in the past year, and provided some thoughts on several topics.

Like several other “Coach’s Corner” video calls, this Zoom call was recorded and will likely be released publicly on GU Athletics’ YouTube channel. Accordingly, there are no qualms in sharing some insights from the meeting.

  • Financial bottom-lines will clearly be hurt this year without season tickets and accompanying donations, but Reed says using McDonough would save rental fees over Capital One Arena, implying that games would be played at McDonough Gymnasium
  • Unclear if a plan to use McDonough for Men’s Basketball is finalized
  • Reed hopes some fans may be allowed to come in January—likely not Capital One Arena, but unclear.
  • Basketball brought back first, other sports to follow; Ackerman says basketball is clearly important to BIG EAST
  • Ackerman says that BIG EAST had pandemic insurance with sizeable payout; likely covered for two years (impossible to buy this now)
  • Ackerman still hopes for “full double round” schedule; happy about UConn’s history and rivalry
  • Ackerman and BE hoping the season will end “normal time” with conference tournament in early March and NCAA Tournament following
  • Waivers for winter sport athletes now, too; Reed encourages eligible student athletes who choose 5 years (in any sport) to do it for academic reasons rather than competitive reasons
  • COVID testing at GU: Tier 1 (athletes, coaches, trainers) 3+ times a week, PCR test (6-hour turnaround); Tier 2 (admin) tested less often, e.g., 2-3 times, 48-hr turnaround.
  • Original basketball player quarantine was 14 days (for those coming from hot spots) and players had food, laundry, etc. done by university (nice!)
  • Team scholarship limits will be lifted for 5th year players
  • Question of who pays for 5-th year tuition/scholarships is up to each institution
  • Reed says that DeGioia is committed to keeping GU “together and whole” regarding (hopefully) not losing any teams
  • Upcoming announcement coming from Ackerman and BIG EAST about a new award for efforts in social justice named after a well-known, late coach.