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Georgetown Fumbles Away Lead, Loses at Home to Butler, 69-64

Hoyas’ Offense, Help Defense Collapse in Second-Half Disaster

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t think of some overarching theme or lesson or even a witty lede to ease you into the recap of tonight’s shitty loss. Georgetown was up 11 at the half and managed to give that away almost immediately after the break, losing 69-64 to #16 Butler. The defeat pretty much dooms any lingering post-season hopes Georgetown had. The Hoyas’ faults came at both ends of the floor, and extended across the roster and bench.

An offense that poured in 43 first-half points managed less than half that after the break, shooting just 7 of 30 in the second half en route to an inert 21 points. As a team, Georgetown made just 1 out of 3 field goals for the evening, Gunner guard Mac McClung connected on just 4 of 16 from the floor, while offensive-minded big man Omer Yurtseven was scarcely better, making just 4 of 14. Jamorko Pickett may have bested, or worsted, both of them, missing all 7 of his attempts on the evening and routinely lapsing on the defensive end.

With an offense like that, who needs defense? Not Georgetown, apparently, which left Butler sharpshooter Sean McDermott open to make 7 three-pointers, 5 of which came after the break, en route to a game-high 25 points (game-high, not career-high; thanks, IUPUI and Marquette!). McDermott is not an unacknowledged scion of the Creighton basketball program, shooting prowess and last name be damned. More frustratingly, his game isn’t even that complicated. He stands, and he shoots, both quite effectively, but beyond that he doesn’t do much beyond collect arm aeyond that he d. Despite these seemingly defined and discrete skills, Georgetown defenders decided to help off of him, time, and time, and time again. The Hoyas’ halftime lead evaporated for good on the strength of four straight McDermott jumpers, all but one from behind the arc. After that disastrous stretch, and having been warned several times over, Georgetown seemed to catch on, hewing close to McDermott and denying him open looks.

Well, until the game’s biggest possession. With the game tied and under a minute to play, Butler ran a pick-and-pop involving its best player, Kamar Baldwin, and its hottest, McDermott. Georgetown appeared to be well-equipped, with its two best perimeter defenders, Terrell Allen and Jagan Mosely, manning the action. But both chased Baldwin and the ball, leaving McDermott, who calmly collected the kick-out from his teammate and buried the decisive triple.

And that’s all I have this evening. Good night everybody.