Kenner League Recap: Saturday, July 13th

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Lots to report from a full day of Kenner League action, so let's get to it!

Jahvon Blair: 23 pts, 2-9 2pt, 4-9 3pt, 7-8 FT, 6 reb (3 off), 1 asst, 1 st, 3 TO

-Blair really has a knack for getting fouled on 3 point attempts - it happened at least twice today

-He also is quietly a good passer, particularly out of the PnR. He can find players all over the court coming off ball screens - 3 point shooters in the corners and above the break, and inside players in the dunkers’ spot.

-Had an off day around the rim today. Normally finishes very well, but just could not get his layups/short range shots to drop today.

Omer Yurtseven: 26 pts, 12-13 2pt, 2-5 FT, 9 reb (2 off), 1 asst, 5 st, 5 TO

-He completely buried his defender down low today. Mostly going to right hand jump hooks, but he also had a nice snaking up/under move, and a lefty jump hook.

-Hit a 10 foot baseline jumper

-Got stripped a few times

-Had at least four or five dunks off lob passes at the rim

-Omer is going to score a lot of points around the basket this year. Govan was a good inside scorer, but not nearly as good as Omer. Yurtseven makes it look easy when he has any kind of size advantage - so much smoother and quicker than Jesse. Omer is a good athlete, and his skill level very high. He will be a lot of fun to watch on the offensive end this year

-Still don’t have any great sense of his defense. His team won easily today, with the guards applying lots of defensive pressure and creating a lot of disruption. But Omer does look like he’ll struggle if he gets isolated on the perimeter against guards - they can blow by him pretty easily. He got beat off the dribble a few times. And on a PnR hedge, he stuck with the ball handler way too long, did not recover, and left his man wide open at the rim for an easy basket

-Had a great pass from the post to Allen cutting hard through the lane for a layup.

Terrell Allen: 4 pts, 2-7 2 pt, 0-5 3pt, 2 reb, 7 asst, 2 st, 1 TO

-Played very well today, despite the fairly modest stat line. Extremely disruptive on defense. Even though he had only a couple of steals, he was constantly disrupting passing lanes and ball handlers. His feet are very quick - able to cut off drives by beating his man to the spot he is trying to get to. We have not seen much of that from our guards in recent years - it is almost startling to see how quickly Allen can move his feet to cut off penetration!

-Pretty drop pass in transition to Omer running the court for a basket

-Really has a great feel for lob passes to the rim, in both transition and the halfcourt. Omer benefitted today. Mac, Josh, Alexander, Gardner - all these guys are the kind of athletes that will get good lob opportunities from Allen if they make strong off ball cuts to the hoop when they see the opportunity.

-Played at a really high energy tempo on both ends - but under control. You could see today why he has been a starter for three years at Drexel/UCF

-But his shooting is very limited. Just not much touch at all on his shots - both 3s and any mid range stuff he tried. He is OK at the rim - uses his body well to protect the ball. But any time he needs to shoot anything resembling a jump shot, things get pretty rough.

Galen Alexander: 18 pts, 4-8 2pt, 2-11 3 pt, 4-6 FT, 8 reb (2 off), 3 st, 1 TO

-Started well - 7 points in the first 2 minutes on two steals/dunks and a pull up 3.

-Played well overall, but his team did not have much talent against a really good opponent. Wahab did not play for Tombs today (he was on the bench in street clothes and there was no obviously visible injury - e.g. walking boot or limp). The other team had 5 starting caliber players from high major programs: Anthony Cowan and Aaron Wiggins (Maryland), Jay Huff and Casey Morsell (UVA), and Franklin Howard (just graduated from Syracuse). Tombs hung with them all game - but managed to blow an 8 point lead in the final minute when Cowan drilled 2 threes and Huff scored off a full court press steal to send the game to OT and an eventual Tombs loss

-Alexander’s 3 point shooting was not as bad as the numbers look. He tried about 4 long, heavily contested 3s in the closing minutes of regulation/OT when he was trying to either win the game on a final desperation shot, or bring them back from too far behind in the closing minutes of OT.

-Does a nice job making quick entry passes to the low post. Throws a nice low bounce pass as soon as he gets the ball and sees the open lane to the post. He should be good at getting the ball to Omer this season.

-Had a nice pump & go on Jay Huff, blowing right by him and drawing a foul.

Mac McClung: 19 pts, 5-12 2pt, 1-4 3pt, 6-6 FT, 8 reb (1 off), 4 asst, 2 bl, 6 TO

-Mac and James really got into the head to head matchup today. It was fun, but both of them forced a lot of stuff. Led to quite a few bad shots and turnovers

-This was the best defensive rebounding I can recall from Mac. He was really digging back to grab defensive boards. I hope he does more of this in real games. He tends to want to leak out to get ahead in transition. But with his hops and strengths, he could really help lock down the defensive boards if he focused on this part of his game.

-Tried to do a lot of high risk stuff. Had some real pretty plays (including a behind the back pass resulting in a layup), but also some bad TOs

-Very good from the foul line today - I don’t think any of his foul shots even touched the rim

Josh LeBlanc: 22 pts, 10-16 2pt, 0-1 3pt, 2-3 FT, 10 reb (6 off), 1 st

-Josh was really flying around in transition. Was repeatedly filling the lane at full speed in transition. The dunk finishes then he is uncontested on these are fun. But the really impressive stuff is his ability to finish over/around defenders at the rim. He can catch the ball flying down the lane at full speed (great hands), and then manipulate the ball around the defender with either hands to put it up softly for successful finishes. He is an extremely high level transition finisher

-Tried to post up quite a bit today when he had a height advantage. He is clearly working on this part of his game. Not too successful tonight. You can see he is not really experienced at this, he is still a little slow in making his move. You can almost see him thinking through the move. But the basic fundamentals seem to be there, and with his touch around the rim - he should develop a useful mismatch low post game with work and time.

James Akinjo: 18 pts, 4-12 2pt, 3-9 3pt, 1-2 FT, 3 reb (1 off), 6 asst, 4 st, 4 TO

-Really struggled to finish at the rim. Successful a few times, but failed a lot more often than he succeeded. This just is never going to be a strength of his game. He doesn’t have the explosion off the floor to power through defenders. It is tough for players his size to finish at the rim without this explosion. He is definitely stronger than last year, but it is tough to develop explosiveness off the ground, that is mostly the kind of thing you either have or you don’t. He did a good job later last season using more pull-ups and floaters, but he was trying to get all the way to the rim most of the time today.

Myron Gardner: 14 pts, 4-9 2pt, 1-4 3pt, 3-4 FT, 14 reb (5 off), 2 asst, 3 st, 1 bl

-Gardner is a player. Good basketball IQ - knows where to be/what to do most of the time. Very good rebounder for his size. Quick off his feet and strong. As his body develops (looks like he carries a little "baby fat" type weight), his natural athleticism will play even better. His 3 point shot is limited right now (OK when wide open for catch/shoot stuff, but not nearly as good on pull-ups). But otherwise his game looks very complete. I think he can get good minutes off the bench this season, and has the potential to develop into a very solid starter over time. Really nice late pickup by Ewing and staff.

Jagan Mosely: he was in the gym for a bit today, but did not play. No visibly obvious injury here either.

More fun tomorrow!

Stay Casual, my friends.