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REPORTED: UConn to Rejoin the BIG EAST

Have the rumors been confirmed?

Big East Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Well it appears that the rumors that the UConn Huskies are rejoining the BIG EAST have been confirmed and the Georgetown Hoyas have regained a rival.

The story was broken by... Digital Sports Desk?

UConn to Return to Big East | DIGITALSPORTSDESK

Digital Sports Desk has learned, the University of Connecticut Huskies are making plans to return to the Big East Conference for basketball, according to multiple sources who could not comment publicly.

Before the basketball decision can be announced, the UConn athletics office must work on future details related to their football program, currently members of the American Athletic Conference where the Huskies went 0-8 (1-11, overall) last season. Other collegiate sports plans and schedules are also being juggled with plans for the change to take place before the 2020-21 basketball season...

That said, there are some naysayers.

We shall see...