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TWEETS: Hoyas Hosed by Duke, Refs

Phantom calls stirred up social media beyond just Hoya Twitter

2K Empire Classic- Duke Blue Devils v Georgetown Hoyas Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

During the game between the Georgetown Hoyas and the Duke Blue Devils, in the 2K Empire Classic, quite a few people noticed that the game was lacking in the referee department. Be sure to read the recap and skim the comments of the game thread for important insights into the foul disparity. However, the observations about the blind zebras extended beyond just Hoyas supporters and reached sports fans all over.

Sure, some of these folks are Ewing-fans or Duke-haters, but it doesn’t make any of the tweets less true. When members of the national media echo your sentiments about what kept Georgetown from beating the number-one team, the loss stings a little less.

Of course, turnovers and rebounds might be the focus if we ignore that Georgetown’s minute-share was not optimal. However, calling phantom offensive fouls against top players clearly limited their playing time. Inopportune fouls killed momentum and hindered Ewing’s desired pace. Ewing was fully justified in his anger. We’re all justified in our anger.

Here are some of the best tweets:

I don’t think Georgetown was playing particularly physical, but people are free to disagree.

Personally, I’m with Pat.