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HOYA SAXA: Join the SBNation FanPulse

Your voice should be heard, so click your keyboard and mouse louder.

Syracuse v Georgetown

The Powers-that-be have issued a decree in their basketball-centric fiefdom to invite the humble citizens of this lunchblog to join the SBNation NCAA Basketball FanPulse. Now, fans of the Georgetown Hoyas can add their voices to the raucous masses and provide input to create valuable data regarding college hoops topics and specific team confidence.

The sign-ups, via Survey Monkey, can be found here. Be sure to pick “Georgetown” to get team-specific questions.

The Overlords have also indicated your commitment will be to fill out a weekly survey of, e.g., two questions. The questions will focus on your confidence in this Georgetown team each week, as well as NCAA team rankings.

This survey is meant only for knowledgeable, thoughtful, and emotionally stable fans, which we clearly have in spades in these parts. If this is you, then you should sign-up today—no need to wait until Mercury comes out of retrograde.

With this fresh, well-informed weekly input, Survey Monkey and SBNation will use machine learning algorithms working in conjunction with life-like neural networks* to analyze the data and produce FanPulse charts tracking fan confidence week-to-week, as well as rankings. (*or a “spreadsheet”)

The Casual Hoya team will do our very best to share and explain the data in a way that even lawyers can understand. Hopefully we’ll post weekly.

Lastly, if you find yourself on the fence about joining, please consider that other football-impaired-non-lunch-blogs, such as Big East Coast Bias and VU Hoops, will be feeding the basketball vote-counting robots, as well.

Of course, SBNation communities associated with football schools (60+) have been successfully utilizing this tool for a while now.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and have your vote count in something meaningful, for once.