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Qasual Questions: Casual Hoya Answers the Midseason Call

Our friend Casual participated in a survey by Hoyas247 regarding Georgetown’s season thus far...

NCAA Basketball: Maryland - E. Shore at Georgetown Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Aidan Curran of asked 7 of the most prolific Georgetown Hoyas basketball tweeters 11 questions about their thoughts on the season thus far. It makes for a very good read.

Our fearless leader had great quotes such as:

The emergence of McClung, Akinjo and LeBlanc have given Hoyas fans hope for the future, though all of that is a distant second to the wonderful new kente on our home court. Vibrant, really pops on TV and finally it doesn’t look like we play on a court suitable for a morgue.


Is there a debate? The only suitable uniforms for the Hoyas are the retro grays at home and the navy blue/blacks on the road. That’s it. If you like the white or the tidal blue uniforms then you are a communist.

Powerful stuff. Nevertheless, the other Hoya-pundits offered some solid insight and, perhaps, even some optimism at times. Again, it is well worth a read.

That said, the survey should be opened up, so we are offering a place to share what you think.

So, what are your thoughts?

  1. In ten words or less, sum up the Georgetown season so far.
  2. What have you liked most about this season so far?
  3. Favorite player on the team?
  4. What has been your impression of Mac McClung and James Akinjo so far?
  5. Mac is the most exciting player to wear a Georgetown uniform since ______?
  6. What is your preferred nickname for Josh LeBlanc? LeBlock? LeDunk?
  7. What is this team’s biggest weakness?
  8. What are your hopes for Big East play? Predicted record?
  9. Who will be on the ticket with Trey Mourning when he runs for president?
  10. Give me your opinion on the Georgetown jersey debate. Do you like the teal uni and the white uni? Should they burn them to the ground? Stick with the retro grays?
  11. How do you think Patrick Ewing is doing in his second year as head coach?
  12. And what’s for lunch?